The difference between the actual and the ideal force of man is happily figured by the schoolmen, in saying, that the knowledge of man is an evening knowledge, vespertina cognitio, but that of God is a morning knowledge, matutina cognitio. The problem of restoring to the world original and eternal beauty, is solved by the redemption of the soul.

George, in the said castle, be set forth and adorned with its richest furniture; that the high altar be hung with arras representing the patron saint of the order on horseback, and garnished with the costliest images and ornaments in gold and silver; that the pulpit be covered with crimson damask, inwrought with flowers-de-luces of gold, portcullises, and roses; that the royal stall be canopied with a rich cloth of state, with a haut-pas beneath it of a foot high; that the stalls of the knights companions be decked with cloth of tissue, with their scutcheons set at the back; and that all be ready at the hour of tierce-hora tertia vespertina, as appointed by his majesty's own statute at which time the eve of the feast shall be held to commence."

The third example offered is a hairless variety of the evening campion, Lychnis vespertina, found the same year, which hitherto had not been observed. For these three cases I have made the crosses of the variety with the parent-species, and in each case the hybrid was like the species, and not like the variety. Nor was it intermediate.

I've heard you are a scholard," said Dick, "but you won't make out this; there's some new preparation of mercury, and there's musk, and there's horehound, and there's a neutral salt: and dal his old head that wrote it!" "Hold your jaw, and listen, while I construe it to you. 'Die Mercurii, on Wednesday decima hora vespertina, at ten o'clock at night eat in Musca: what does that mean?