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Many errors had been committed, but much suffering had also been endured; the people, whose whole youth capable of arms had for ten years hardly laid aside shield or sword, might excuse many faults.

Tradition, hearsay, rumor, misstatements, errors, all colored by ignorance or half knowledge, or a local jealousy or pride, have been woven into a woof of precedent and acceptance, and called history.

Often as he had gone astray in his young life, many as were the errors he had committed, not even the faintest shadow of an envious feeling concerning his friend's more successful work had ever stained his soul.

Unfortunately for him, a journey into this country made him acquainted both with our philosophers and with our philosophical works; and he had neither natural capacity to distinguish errors from reality, nor judgment enough to perceive that what appeared improving and charming in theory, frequently became destructive and improper when attempted to be put into practice.

One might go on and compile an extensive bibliography, for fiction of all languages of all times is full of the errors into which insistent sex instincts have drawn men and women who were not masters of themselves.

I do not intend with these to rank those others, who to clear themselves from all suspicion of their former errors and to satisfy us that they are sound and firm, render themselves extremely indiscreet and unjust, in the carrying on our cause, and blemish it with infinite reproaches of violence and oppression.

"It's all over and done with, isn't it?" "Over and done with for her yes," said Miss Smith. "But how about your duty as governor? How about my duty as a citizen? Shouldn't we each of us, you in your big way and I in my small way, work to bring about a reform in the statutes under which such errors are possible? Think, governor, of what happened to this child!

Certainly this circumstance, which was taken into account even in the production of the older comedies, exercised an unfavourable effect on the national comedy. I. XV. Masks With these names there has been associated from ancient times a series of errors.

In the presence of Nature even moderate talent is always possessed of insight; hence drawings from Nature that are at all carefully done always give pleasure. A man cannot well stand by himself, and so he is glad to join a party; because if he does not find rest there, he at any rate finds quiet and safety. It is difficult to know how to treat the errors of the age.

It made her very unhappy, of course, though she had a far, far greater reliance on his correcting his errors than I could have which was so natural and loving in my dear! and she presently wrote him this little letter: My dearest cousin, Esther has told me all you said to her this morning. I do not quite know how to write what I wish to say next, but I trust you will understand it as I mean it.