But I knew I must get home as soon as possible, and my mind was made up to take the body with me, if I had to haul it all the way to Quebec. The great toe on my left foot growing steadily worse, it became necessary for me again to see the doctor. Groswater Bay and Goose Bay by this time were frozen solid, and on December 4th I travelled to Muddy Lake, where Dr.

Dame Ursley's reputation in the city was the greater that her practice had extended beyond Temple Bar, and that she had acquaintances, nay, patrons and patronesses, among the quality, whose rank, as their members were much fewer, and the prospect of approaching the courtly sphere much more difficult, bore a degree of consequence unknown to the present day, when the toe of the citizen presses so close on the courtier's heel.

"Gee whiz! if that wasn't the queerest thing ever! You'd think he'd just stubbed his toe, and we happened along in time to help him rub the same. He sure is a cool customer, believe me, fellows!" "Such base ingratitude I never ran across," ventured Will, indignantly.

Seated on the railing, with the tip of one toe resting on the porch, she smiled down at him from under the shadows of her wide hat. "I didn't think you would," he declared. "This place seems to suit you, as I imagined you. I have thought of you often since we first met last winter." "Yes," she replied hastily, "I am very happy here. Mrs. Shorter tells me you are staying with then."

The people, however, were rather sceptical, not of the friar's power to cure that malady, but of the fact of his ever having moved a limb under it; and they concluded with telling him, good-humoredly enough, that notwithstanding the charm, he was destined to die "wid the threble of it in his toe."

T. C. Highet; went right ahead with the ball close at his toe, and was the most difficult man to tackle in the Rangers. He left Scotland some years ago for England, where he played for the Bolton Wanderers. In brilliant form in the match, he made some fine runs in company with Mr. Campbell and Mr. Hill, and was successful in scoring the first goal got for the Rangers. Mr.

In the circumstances it was a pardonable enough ebullition of feeling and ought not to have caused the passing pedestrian to spin round on his heel, astonishment on every line of his face. The next moment, however, he recovered himself. "Did you call out to me?" he shouted. The tinker was nursing his toe, apparently unconscious of having given anyone more food for thought than usual.

It's a cinch for him. It is so." Nan laughed a glad buoyant laugh. "Jack Rabbit?" she echoed scornfully. "Why, he points the toe. Guess he'd outrun Sassafras if he kept his feet, but he'll never do it. He'll peck. Then he'll change his stride. No, Jeff. Sassafras goes with me." The smile in the man's eyes faded out. He hated the thought of Nan losing her money on what he considered a foolish bet.

Bring on the divil an' all his angels, say I, and I'll fight thim where I stand." Pierre ran his fingers down Macavoy's arm, and said "There's time enough for that. I'd begin with the five." "What five, then?" "Her half-breed lovers: Big Eye, One Toe, Jo-John, Saucy Boy, and Limber Legs." "Her lovers? Her lovers, is it? Is there truth on y'r tongue?"

And then she was wrapped in cered cloth of Raines, from the top to the toe in thirty-fold, and after she was put in a web of lead, and then in a coffin of marble. And when she was put in the earth, Sir Lancelot swooned, and lay long still, while the hermit came out, and awaked him and said, Ye be to blame, for ye displease God with such manner of sorrow-making.