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"And I," said he, "am equally pleased to assure you of my gratitude. Come and breakfast with us, my wife is still at her toilette. Come along." I rose hastily, and just as I was leaving the room I saw the dreadful widow, who seemed full of glee, and said, "I thank you, sir; I thank you with all my heart. I beg to leave you at liberty again; I am going back to Soleure."

I dare say we should laugh at the ornaments, and not dislike them, and lovers would make no difficulty about lifting up the ring to be able to approach the rosy lips underneath. As for the Baroness de Bernstein, when that lady took the pains of making a grand toilette, she appeared as an object, handsome still, and magnificent, but melancholy, and even somewhat terrifying to behold.

They asked Collette if she would go to mass: she said, 'I will not. They pulled her hair, beat her, pinched her, but she only said the more, 'I will not. Then a dragoon said, 'This girl is too pert, her conceit must be lowered a little. And he took a comb off her toilette, and drew it down her face two or three times, quite hard, till it was scratched and scored all over.

She hung up the receiver, took a look at herself in the dressing-glass, and saw reflected there a yellow-haired hazel-eyed girl who looked a trifle scared. But she forced a smile, made a hasty toilette and rang for the butler, gave her orders, and then walked leisurely into the library. McKay lifted his tragic face from his hands where he stood before the fire, his elbows resting on the mantel.

This general officer of sixty was seen sitting on the snow-covered trunk of a tree, occupying himself with unruffled gaiety every morning with the details of his toilette; in the midst of the hurricane, he had his hair elegantly dressed, and powdered with the greatest care, amusing himself in this manner with all the calamities, and with the fury of the combined elements which assailed him.

"I promise you," said Lucrezia, "to do my best to ensure your meeting your obligations." Donna Lucrezia took me to my room, where she handed me over to the charge of an imposing-looking servant, and wished me a good night. I slept for eight hours in a most comfortable bed, and when I was dressed Lucrezia took me to breakfast with the marchioness, who was at her toilette.

She dressed in a trembling excitement of pleasure, as far as her own part of the preparation went; then Mrs. Laval's maid came in to finish her toilette, and Mrs. Laval came to superintend it. Matilda had only to stand still and be curled and robed and sashed and slippered; till the work was done, the maid went, and Mrs. Laval took the child in her arms and asked if she was happy?

She herself was trying out a new toilette, for which doubtless Irene Wheeler was partly sponsor. She could hold her own on the terraces with the rest. She was staggeringly different now from the daughter of the simple home in the Rue d'Athènes. The eyes of the splendid women aroused George's antipathy, because he seemed to detect antipathy in them not against himself but against the male in him.

"Meanwhile, I dare say you would like to arrange your toilette a little?" She answered with a 'mica', a word which she employed just as frequently as 'Che me fa', but I went on: "It is always pleasant after a journey."

Monsieur has thousands and thousands of books, which simply turn his head; and as for me, I have just tow, which are quite enough for all my wants and purposes my Catholic prayer-book and my Cuisiniere Bourgeoise." And with those words my housekeeper helped the little man to fasten up his stock again within the green toilette. The homunculus Coccoz had ceased to smile.

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