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Those from the University are dressed more carefully and elegantly and saunter along carrying canes instead of books. The collegians of the Philippines are not very noisy or turbulent. They move along in a preoccupied manner, such that upon seeing them one would say that before their eyes shone no hope, no smiling future.

'Give us a kiss, now, and promptly tried to take one. 'Git aht! said Liza, pushing him away, not too gently. 'Yus, give us a kiss, cried another, running up to her. 'I'll smack yer in the fice! said Liza, elegantly, as she dodged him. 'Ketch 'old on 'er, Bill, cried out a third, 'an' we'll all kiss her. 'Na, you won't! shrieked Liza, beginning to run.

At the same time I felt several tugs at my line, and on hauling it in I found that I had four fish on long, elegantly shaped fish they were, with blue grey backs and white bellies. In half an hour we had caught two dozen more than enough for all hands for supper and breakfast. The next morning, the wind having been very light, we ran into a little harbour of rare beauty called Lulworth Cove.

In the midst of all stood a large tent, the entrance to which was concealed by curtains. Here the "bayaderes" were dancing; any one can obtain admission by paying a trifling sum. Of course I went in to see these celebrated dancers. There were, however, only two pairs; two boys were elegantly clothed in a female garb, richly decorated with gold coins.

He is very wealthy, an old bachelor, lives elegantly, is a thoroughly educated man, and not eccentric, except in his liking to Henry, which he transfers to me. He is without near relations, and has had a history. Now he insists on advancing to me enough to carry me through, clothing me, and starting me with a fine library.

Or perhaps," he added with a grave, meditative look "perhaps we might put some food in her mouth, which is so elegantly open at the present moment, and see if she'd swallow it while asleep. If so, Ralph, you might come round to the front here and feed her quietly, while Jack and I are tucking into the victuals. It would be a monstrous economy of time."

To-day I noticed a new species with a grey body, elegantly striped with black, and pink legs a very pretty spider. "26th. Went again to-day and found that the whole vast army of gossamers, with the exception of a few stragglers sitting on posts and dry stalks, had vanished.

Jane Restless borrowed her man's bandana and blew her nose like a steam siren, declaring that the heat always gave her catarrh. Carrie Horsley guessed she'd never seen so pretty a bride so elegantly dressed, and wept down the front of Eve's spotless lawn the moment she got near enough. Mrs.

Three of the Prince's men were killed in the first assault; and since the artillery brought to bear upon him threatened speedy ruin to the house and its inhabitants, he made up his mind to surrender. 'The Prince Luigi, writes one-chronicler of these events, 'walked attired in brown, his poignard at his side, and his cloak slung elegantly under his arm.

Now that 'ductor has gone and carried off my nightie." If Aunt Madge had dressed in linsey woolsey, with a checked apron on, she would still have been lovely. A white rose is lovely even in a cracked tea-cup. But Colonel Augustus Allen was a rich man, and his wife could afford to dress elegantly. Horace followed her to-night with admiring eyes.