"We have now," resumed the lady, "nearly forty children under treatment poor little things who, but for this charity, would have no tender care or intelligent ministration. Most of them would be lying in garrets or miserable little rooms, dirty and neglected, disease eating out their lives, and pain that medical skill now relieves, racking their poor worn bodies.

Sometimes the air was harsh and bleak; the ridged and mottled sky looked scourged, or cramping fogs set in from sea, for leagues around, ferreting out each rheumatic human bone, and racking it; the sciatic limpers shivered; their aguish rags sponged up the mists. No shelter, though it hailed. The sheds were for the bricks.

The throng thickened; the guitars tinkled louder; other horsemen sat motionless, smoking calmly above the heads of the crowd; it eddied and pushed before the doors of the high-roofed building, whence issued a shuffle and thumping of feet in time to the dance music vibrating and shrieking with a racking rhythm, overhung by the tremendous, sustained, hollow roar of the gombo.

You ought to be happy to know that he cares." She began to cough a racking cough that left her exhausted. Anne, bending over her, said, "Why, Amy, are you sick?" "I'm I'm rather wretched, Anne." "Are you taking anything for your cough?" "Yes." "You ought to have a doctor." "I have had one." "What did he say?" Amy put her off. "I'll feel better in the morning, Anne. Don't worry."

Theirs was a racking job, heavier than any other known to the boy, and one day he asked his mother: "Why do they care to carry all that wood for us?" "Because we pay them, and because they are mighty glad to get the money. Otherwise they couldn't live." "And where does the wood come from?" "The bank sends it as part of papa's pay."

"You look like it," said Carrie. "What is the matter?" "I am looking for some money." "Money? What money are you likely to have?" "Well, it so happens that I have some a good deal. Carrie have you seen it?" "Have I seen what?" asked Carrie in a provokingly drawling voice. "Why, my money. How did you think I got that dress, that dress which you are racking through at such a furious pace?"

The thought of the terrible vengeance that was about to fall upon Bute on account of the bad work of the wild Scots of Galloway was a matter for far graver consideration. On his return from Gigha he passed many hours pacing the great hall of his castle, racking his brain to discover a means whereby he might protect the lives of the women and children who were under his care.

Poor nature at last sought a woman's relief in tears but they were heart-breaking, not heart-relieving tears racking both mind and body more than they ought to bear, but bringing no cure. Mrs.

"You'll keep company with some other young woman before long, George, and then you'll be less gloomy." "Never! That phase of life is also over. Why should I? To what purpose?" "To be married, of course." "Yes; and become a woman's slave, like poor Poppins; or else have my heart torn again with racking jealousy, as it was with you. No, Maryanne!

Then Jean performed the same merciful operation upon Ambrose, and the two unrepentant sinners were on their legs again, with racking heads, and feeling very ill. But Jean cared nothing for their sufferings; he wanted to be rid of them. He gave them no chance to question him; not that they had any desire to do so, in fact it was doubtful if they fully realized anything that was happening.