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Nothing ever can have been more beautiful than those groups of mighty hills as we saw them then, with the gray rocks, the green slopes, the white snow-patches and crests, all to be seen at one glance, and the mists and fleecy clouds tumbling, rolling, hovering about their summits, filling their lofty valleys, and coming down far towards the lower world, making the skyey aspects so intimate with the earthly ones, that we hardly knew whether we were sojourning in the material or spiritual world.

They had been coming home from hunting, and had plainly heard a shot here. We stood for a moment more after learning this, and then one of the men called out the names of Hank and Willomene. Again we or I at least felt that same silence, which to my disturbed imagination seemed to be rising round us as mists rise from water. "There's nobody in there," stated the Virginian.

"I did but do my duty," a smile breaking through the gathering mists. Here some poor fellow, poor indeed, delirious with fever, called out, "Mother! mother! I want to see my mother!" Tears rushed to the clear, steady eyes, dimmed them, dropped down unchecked upon the face. The nurse, with a sob choking in his throat, softly raised his hand to brush them away.

Fair and wonderful it was as the mists lifted under the sun's warmth to see the giant peak of Orizaba lifting its head, snow-white and awful, into the clear air, while full seventeen thousand feet below it the land lay dim and indistinct, nothing more than a bank of gray cloud.

He would sink down there upon the road, the mists would crowd upon him, and then the awful end. He began to call out, his breath came in staggering gasps, his feet faltered. "O, mercy, mercy have mercy." He sank trembling to his knees. "Dune, Dune, wake up! What's the matter? You've been making the most awful shindy. Dune, Dune!" Slowly he came to himself.

'Christian, believest thou, among the doctrines of thy creed, that the dead live again that they who have loved here are united hereafter that beyond the grave our good name shines pure from the mortal mists that unjustly dim it in the gross-eyed world and that the streams which are divided by the desert and the rock meet in the solemn Hades, and flow once more into one?

It had been five years instead of five months since she had stood on that little pier and watched him float away into the mists of the river! All life before the revelation which love had brought was now a shadowy memory. Only love was real. His letters had been her life. They hadn't come as often as she had wished. She demanded his whole heart. There could be no compromise.

We landed at the village of Kwala Kangsa "In the glory of the sunset, In the purple mists of evening," in which the magnified purple mountains were piled like Alps against the flaming clouds. By the river bank lay the Dragon boat and the square bamboo floating bath, through the side of which Mr. Birch was mortally wounded.

I fail to recall many of the illustrious names which on that night sounded like stirring music in my ears; but as often as memory reverts to that scene, the forerunner of repeated pleasures, I seem to feel anew the pressure of friendly hands, unforgotten faces appear through the mists of the past, still aglow with "the light of other days."

Under the giant's shadow Noodle stopped, and gazed up into the cloud; through the outer covering of its mists he saw what seemed to be balls of fire, and knew that within lay the dream and the garden of the Burning Rose. The giant laughed and muttered in his sleep, for the dream was sweet to him. 'O Rose, he said, 'O sweet Rose, what end is there of thy sweetness?