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'Sancta Dei Genitrix! Be all as mothers of gods, O women! Be as gods, O men! Be as gods in courage, in truth, in wisdom, in freedom! Suffer not devils to have command of you! For devils there are, as there are gods; evil there is, as there is good. Fiends are born of women as gods are and yet evil itself is of God, inasmuch as without God there can be neither evil nor good.

Supposed to be most devoted to her husband, she is now on her way to keep an appointment with the Rev. J.T. Calthorpe of Sancta Maria's Church in Appleyard Street, with whom she has been holding clandestine meetings for the past six months." "Whew!" Hamar ejaculated. "You speak as if it was all being pumped into you by some external agency automatically." "That's just about what I feel!"

In one respect the reigning sovereign was in advance of his age. In his devotion to the Madonna he claimed the same miraculous origin for her mother as for herself. When the prayer "O Sancta Maria sine labe originali concepta" was chanted, he would exclaim with emotion that the words embodied his devoutest aspirations.

"Ay, truly is he," said Varney; "and properly swollen already in the face and body. He had been mixing some of his devil's medicines, and the glass mask which he used constantly had fallen from his face, so that the subtle poison entered the brain, and did its work." "SANCTA MARIA!" said Foster "I mean, God in His mercy preserve us from covetousness and deadly sin!

So you actually imagined a man of my brains would condescend to anything so flat and stale as the silly and threadbare Old Master deception! And this in the so-called nineteenth century! O sancta simplicitas! When again shall such infantile transparency be mine? When, ah, when? But never mind, dear friend. Though you didn't catch me, we shall meet before long at some delightful Philippi.

"Princess Irene," he said, hastening forward, and reverently saluting her hand, "if you are still of the mind to seek refuge in Sancta Sophia, I pray you, let us go thither." "We are ready," she returned. "But tell me of the Emperor." The Count bent very low. "Your kinsman is beyond insult and further humiliation. His soul is with God."

Cantianvs, Sancta Cantianilla, Santvs Qvirinvs, Santvs Latinv." The use of b for v is characteristic of the period of the Patriarch Elias. The cover is slightly domical; upon it are two lambs, and between them a gemmed cross. They stand on a hill from which the four rivers of Paradise flow. Within was a second silver casket filled with water, and some remains of relics.

But presently she began to sing "Ave Maria! Mother of the desolate! Guide of the unfortunate! Hear from thy starry home our prayer: If sorrow will await us, Tyrants vex and hate us, Teach us thine own most patient part to bear! Sancta Maria! When we are sighing, When we are dying, Give to us thine aid of prayer!" As she sang, comfort came to her, and the little voice swelled in volume.

The Alcalde turned and pointed at the beast. "Behold the horse which he rode, Madame la Vicomtesse. The animal will die." "Probably," answered the Vicomtesse, in an even tone. "But the man," cried the Alcalde, "the man is here, Madame la Vicomtesse, here, in this house!" "Yes," she said, "he is here." "Sancta Maria! Madame," he exclaimed, "I I who speak to you have come to get him.

Little pupil of my eyes, you don't hear me!" "Gionetta, is he not god-like?" "Sancta Maria! he is handsome, bellissimo; and when you are his wife, for they say these English are never satisfied unless they marry " "Wife! English! Whom are you talking of?" "Why, the young English signor, to be sure." "Chut! I thought you spoke of Zicci." "Oh!

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