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As for those actions which proceed from the deliberation of reason, howbeit many of them be indifferent, quo ad speciem, yet none of them are, nor can be indifferent, quo ad individuum.

Yet thus also the Doctor hath said nonsense, for so we should take his words, quamvis quoad speciem sit media et libera, etiam quo ad individuum. Sect. 3. But to let his manner of speaking pass, we will consider what he would or could have said. Ans. What do we hear of any difference betwixt these actions quo ad speciem?

Burke did not welcome the schism as a relief, neither the temper of the men nor the spirit of the times, which converted opinions at once into passions, would have admitted of such a peaceable counterbalance of principles, nor suffered them long to slumber in that hollow truce, which Tacitus has described, "manente in speciem amicitia" Mr.

This punishment was usual among the Northmen, and was called "at rista oern," from the supposed resemblance of the victim to the figure of an eagle. The operation was generally performed by the chief himself. It is thus described by Snorre: "Ad speciem aquilae dorsum ita ei laniabat, ut adacto ad spinam gladio, costisque omnibus ad lumbos usque a tergo divisis, pulmones extraheret."

He knew his own defect; and purposed going through a course of hellebore. What a master's sketch lies in these few lines: "Incitabatur insomnio maxime; neque enim plus tribus horis nocturnis quiescebat; ac ne his placida quiete, at pavida miris rerum imaginibus: ut qui inter ceteras pelagi quondam speciem colloquentem secum videre visus sit.

What shall I add? There would be no end to my letter. Thus we passed the whole night, and whether it was good or bad your Highness may decide. Magni et excellentis ingenii et preclare indolis; præ se fert speciem fillii magni Principis, et super omnia ilaris et jocundus, e tutto festa: cum magna siquidem modestia est longe melioris et prestantioris aspectus, quam sit dux Candie germanus suus.

So that weakness and malice in the offended non variant speciem scandali, but only gradum ejusdem speciei.

If these courses, whereof we have spoken, be followed by Christian princes, they shall, by the blessing of God, procure that the church shall be served with able and fit ministers; but though thus they may procurare speciem, yet they may not designare individuum, which now I am to demonstrate. Propos. 3.

As touching those actions which proceed from bare imagination, whether they be evil and inordinate quo ad speciem, forsomuch as the imagination from which they have their original doth not in those actions subject itself to the conduct and moderation of reason, but is like Gehazi, running away without his master’s leave, let the learned give their judgment.

Ad hæc Spumam ex aqua pura non alia ratione videri candescere & albescerere quam quod sit congeries confertissima minutissimarum bullarum, quarum unaquæque suum radium reflectit, unde continens candor alborve apparet. Denique Nivem nihil aliud videri quam speciem purissimæ spumæ ex bullulis quam minutissimis & confertissimis cohærentis.