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The words "Pax tibi, Marce, Evangelista meus" on the lion's book on S. Mark façade were changed to "Rights of Man and of Citizenship," and Napoleon was thanked in a profuse epistle for providing Venice with glorious liberty.

Hycy propino tibi, I say; and you are right, ille ego it's a a fact; I am the man, sir I acknowledge the charge." This admission having been made, we need scarcely add that an explanation was at at once given by Finigan of the motive which had induced him to write the letter. "On laving the kemp," said he, "and getting into the open air sub diu, Mr.

Monte Alegre is a small place with a ruined Moorish castle, about fifteen leagues from Elche on the road to Madrid. Between Alicante and Xativa is the Moorish castle of Tibi, close to a large reservoir, and there is a square Moorish tower at Concentaina. Xativa has a hermitage, San Felin, adorned with horse-shoe arches, having a Moorish cistern hard by.

Si vero viciamque seres vilemque faselum ... Haud obscura cadens mittet tibi signa Bootes; Incipe, et ad medias sementem extende pruinas.

She went to pick up Tibi in Kasan from where she wrote in 1913. "I caught some horrible microbe just before I arrived and had a terrible grippy cold which kept me in the house and in bed but it is over now. I feel rejuvenated 15 years and full of energy. I almost believe it is climatic. The feeling is so different. Isn't it awful about the priest being hung in Adrianople?

T. I think you have named Cicero’s Letters ad Familiares, Mr. Black? C. reads. Cicero Appio salutem. Nam et scripsisti aperte, quid tibi videretur; et Atticus ad me sermonem tuum pertulit.

"Luxuriae rictu Martis marcent moenia, Tuo palato clausus pavo pascitur Plumato amictus aureo Babylonico; Gallina tibi Numidica, tibi gallus spado: Ciconia etiam grata peregrina hospita Pietaticultrix gracilipes crotalistria Avis, exul hiemis, titulus tepidi temporis Nequitiae nidum in cacabo fecit modo. Quo margarita cara tribaca Indica?

Yes! she shall have a Christian burial. He drew his hand across his forehead, signed with the Cross, louted low before an ikon of the Madonna, and I heard him say fervently: 'Ago tibi gratias, Immaculata.

"Per istam sanctam unctionem, et suam piissimam misericordiam, indulgeat tibi Dominus quidquid per auditum deliquisti."

It was upon account of these two marriages, that the following Latin distich was made: Bella gerant alii, Tu felix Austria nube; Nam qua, Mars aliis; dat tibi regna Venus.