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The wagon-master advised me to cross, but I was tempted by a fine meadow on the lower side, in contrast to a rough place on the opposite side, to take my chances. I was compelled to remain there five days. The other delay was on the Gallina; but that was rising when we approached and we had no choice about crossing. We were delayed that time but two days."

At all events, he shortly informed his master that he must leave him and push on to Rome. Gallina was not lacking in sympathy, for he gave his pupil a mule and a purse and plenty of good advice, and started him on his journey.

PORCO ... GALLINA: these words are used collectively, as rosa often is; so Fin. 2, 65 potantem in rosa Thorium. Varro, R.R. 2, 14 has the word in the sense of 'meat'. CONDITIORA FACIT: 'adds a zest to'; cf. condita in 10. SUPERVACANEIS OPERIS: 'by the use of spare time'; literally 'by means of toils that are left over', i.e. after completing the ordinary work of the farm.

Semper enim boni assiduique domini referta cella vinaria, olearia, etiam penaria est, villaque tota locuples est, abundat porco haedo agno gallina, lacte caseo melle. Iam hortum ipsi agricolae succidiam alteram appellant. Conditiora facit haec supervacaneis etiam operis aucupium atque venatio. 57 Quid de pratorum viriditate aut arborum ordinibus aut vinearum olivetorumve specie plura dicam?

Season it with sugar, and a little cinnamon, rose water, orange-flower water, or white wine. Put it into a star form, and let it stand some hours before it be turned into a dish: then pour round it some thick cream or custard. CURDS AND CREAM. Put three or four pints of milk into a pan a little warm, and then add rennet or gallina.

At the same time he began to study under the then famous Jules Parigi, and renewed his acquaintance with his old friend Canta Gallina, meeting in their studios the most eminent artists of the day the bright day not yet entirely faded of the later Renaissance. Still his work was copying and engraving from the drawings of others.

Arriving in Florence with his friends the Bohemians, fortune seemed about to be gracious to him. His delicate face with its indefinable suggestions of good breeding attracted the attention of an officer of the Duke, who took the first step toward fulfilling his ambition by placing him with the painter and engraver, Canta Gallina, who taught him design and gave him lessons in the use of the burin.

Si es esa la forma de respeto y consideración que perdería la mujer por dedicarse a la política, ella debe celebrarlo, porque todas esas fórmulas insustanciales de galantería no pasan de ser lo que el cacareo del gallo para sorprender y asaltar repentinamente a la descuidada gallina. ¿Ni como puede, en verdad, inspirar respeto la debilidad y la ignorancia?

MONSTRA evenerunt mihi: Introit in aedes ater alienus canis, Anguis per impluvium decidit de tegulis, Gallina cecinit!* TERENCE. * "Prodigies have occurred: a strange black dog came into the house; a snake glided from the tiles, through the court; the hen crowed."

Chi di gallina nasce, convien che rozole. As the old cock crows, so crows the young. Those who have visited Italy give us an agreeable picture of the cheerful industry of the children of all ages in the celebrated city of Naples. Their manner of living and their numerous employments are exactly described in the following "Extract from a Traveller's Journal." *