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Both the Terrans looked around. The Polynesian girl stood close to the Foanna, smiling faintly. "This venture is mine also," she spoke with conviction. "As it is Tino-rau's and Taua's. Is that not so, Daughters of the Alii of this world?" "Yes, Sea Maid. There are weapons of many sorts, and not all of them fit into a warrior's hand or can be swung with the force of a man's arm and shoulder.

He hath fled towards his boat, which lieth on the little island with the high trees. Follow, follow quickly, lest he drag the boat into the water and sail away. Slay him. Let his blood run out. And tell the sua alii Atkins and the white girl that Harfi hath been sorely hurt, but is well, and will not die, for it is but a broken bone."

I took old Howard along, and he perked up and confuted the doctors, so that it was three years before I buried him restored to the bosom of my family. Sometimes I think he was the most brilliant man I have ever known. Not until my return from England did Ahuna die, the last custodian of our alii secrets.

"Ast alii pictis accendant lumina ceris". S. Paulinus Nat. VI. S Felicis Pierin del Vaga, whom Vasari considered as the most distinguished of Raffaello's assistants, was originally nothing more than a candlepainter.

Hence their success in creating a nation out of provinces. Every Prussian has always felt that he was a member of one indissoluble commonwealth. The Habsburgs, on the contrary, have grown great through marriage. Their policy is aptly expressed in the oft-quoted phrase, Bella gerant alii, tu felix Austria nube.

He declined to be promoted to an earldom, which Queen Mary offered him at the same time when she advanced her natural brother to be Earl of Mar, and afterwards of Murray. On his refusing this honour, Mary wrote, or caused to be written, the following lines in Latin and French: Sunt comites, ducesque alii; sunt denique reges; Sethom dominum sit satis esse mihi.

By the side of the nobility were the Kahu alii, literally guardians of the chiefs, of noble origin by the younger branch, but who dared not claim the title of chief in the presence of their elders. The Kahu alii of the male sex might be considered born chamberlains; of the female, ladies of the bed-chamber.

"Bella gerant alii; tu felix Austria, nube!" "Let others wage war; do you, happy Austria, marry!" The last campaigns had been unfavorable to the Hapsburg dynasty; a marriage would set things to right. At Vienna a party which may be called the peace party had come to power.

For I must further acquaint the Reader, that, though our club meets only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we have appointed a committee to sit every night, for the inspection of all such papers as may contribute to the advancement of the public weal. No. 2. Ast alii sex Et plures uno conclamant ore. Juv. Sat. vii. ver. 167. Six more at least join their consenting voice.

"'Half a fish is better than none, Aimoku said the old saying. "'Not at the burying of an alii, was the priest's quick reply. 'It is the law. We cannot be niggard with Kahekili and cut his allotment of sacrifice in half. "So, for the moment, while the coffin went overside, I was not slain. And it was strange that I was glad immediately that I was to live.

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