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The nobles will never consent to it. I have tried my ground. The time is not yet come. I should be alone. But I will dazzle them again." I replied, "Well, we will go to Egypt;" and changed the conversation. Lanfrey, however, rather enlarges what Dumas says; see Dumas, tome iii. p. 167.

Letters to Malthus, p. 96; and see the frequently quoted passage where he complains that Malthus has taken his book as more 'practical' than he had intended it to be, and speaks of his method of imagining 'strong cases. Ibid. p. 167. Works, p. 40 n. Works, p. 131. Letters to Malthus, p. 98. Ibid. p. 52. There is, indeed, a difficulty which I happily need not discuss.

The customs of "gavelkinde" and "tanistry" were attended with the same absurdity in the distribution of property. The chieftains and the tanists, though drawn from the principal families, were not hereditary, but were established by election, or, more properly speaking, by force and violence. * Sir John Davis, p. 166. Sir John Davis, p. 167 * Sir John Davis, p. 173

At the beginning of the respite Sugar was selling at 155, for in that quarter-hour of madness it had broken from 210 to 155, but when the ten minutes had elapsed, the stock had worked back to 167. Barry Conant had again taken the centre of the crowd after hastily scanning the brief notes handed him by messenger-boys and giving orders to his lieutenants.

If we project Russia's increase of population to the year 2000 A.D., we shall find that its probable population will be in the neighborhood of 300,000,000; Germany's probable population, say 167,000,000; Great Britain and Ireland's probable population, 135,000,000; while France's probable population in the year two thousand, if it continues to increase only at its present slow rate, will be but 45,000,000.

Professor Pickering, from determinations of light-intensity, assigned to Vesta a diameter of 319 miles, to Pallas 167, to Juno 94, down to twelve and fourteen for the smaller members of the group. An albedo equal to that of Mars was assumed as the basis of the calculation.

If the eminent judge was Lord Mansfield, we may compare with Boswell's regret the lines in which Pope laments the influence of Westminster Hall and Parliament: 'There truant Windham every muse gave o'er, There Talbot sunk, and was a wit no more. How sweet an Ovid, Murray was our boast! How many Martials were in Pulteney lost! The Dunciad, iv. 167.

There were the horses of the cavalry and 167 sacks of oats and 216 bales of hay to feed them. Topping the list of arms were two dynamite guns, with 50-pound projectiles to fit them, and two full batteries of light field-pieces, ten 3-inch rifles of regular ordnance pattern, with harnesses that go with them, and 1,500 cartridges.

In the next quarter, that is to say, from 90 degrees longitude to 180 degrees, lie the countries of which we have been speaking, or that large southern island, extending from the equinoctial to the latitude of 43 degrees 10 minutes, and the longitude of 167 degrees 55 minutes, which is the extremity of Van Diemen's Land.

A bull-fighter. Hacienda. A large estate. Alfalfa. A species of grass valuable as fodder for horses and cattle. Rodeo. Cattle market. 167, 1. Tête-