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Mara alone was grieved. O my reverend brethren!" cried the Prince, fervently, "who was this Mara that he should not share in the rejoicing of all nature else? In Christian phrase, Satan, and Mara alone was grieved." "Do the likenesses stop with the births, my brethren are now asking. Let us follow the Bodhisattwa. On reaching the stage of manhood, he also retired into the wilderness.

Fright inspired his latent histrionic genius; momentarily he became almost a good actor. "Thank God!" he exclaimed fervently. "You're the one woman in a thousand who knows enough to look before she shoots! Phwew!" Quite naturally he drew a braided blue cuff across a beaded forehead. "That's all very well," the woman took him up sharply "but be careful I don't shoot after looking.

She shut her eyes and held them so until the professor came in, when she opened them languidly. Marion carried away the chocolate cups, her heart light. She would not have believed that a reconciliation with Kate and the unburdening of her secret could work such a change in her feelings. She wished fervently that she had told Kate at first.

He walked toward it, trying to keep his footsteps as silent as possible as he moved. The door had a pane of translucent glass in it, and there were more of the unreadable characters on it. He wished fervently that he could decipher them; they might tell him where he was. Carefully, he grasped the handle of the door, twisted it, and pulled.

The very next night, when I was in my hammock, I prayed very fervently; and there happened to be a very good old Scotchman on board, the second mate, who talked very seriously to me, and pointed out how wonderful had been my preservation, and I felt it. It was he who first read the Bible with me, and made me understand it, and, I may say, become fond of it.

You will not refuse my blessing, or my prayers, even though they be offered to a mother? 'I will refuse nothing in the form of human love. And the father blessed him fervently, and he went out. . . . 'What a man! said he to himself, 'or rather the wreck of what a man! Oh, for such a heart, with the thews and sinews of a truly English brain! Next day he met Luke in that room.

"I met Miss Heron of Herondale," he said, trying to speak casually, and wondering what she would say, hoping fervently that she would ask no more questions. The blood rushed to her face, her eyes flashed and her lips tightened; but she did not speak, and moved away to the window, standing there looking out, but seeing nothing. He had gone to her the moment he had returned: what did it mean?

Do you know, when I think of the jaded Interesting People I've met Why do I leave you to be spoiled by some shop-girl in a flowered hat? She'd drag you to moving-picture shows.... Oh! You didn't tell me that you went to moving pictures, did you?" "No!" he lied, fervently, then, feeling guilty, "I used to, but no more." "It shall go to the nice moving pictures if it wants to! It shall take me, too.

One white-haired old man, indeed, handed his whip of hippopotamus-hide to a stalwart lad whose shoulders were streaming with blood, and begged him as a brother, as fervently as though it were the greatest favor, to let him feel the lash. But the younger man refused, and she saw the weak old fellow trying to apply it to his own back.

"Make me a visit and you can ride Elixir every day," bribed Mabel. "I'd love that!" exclaimed Grace fervently as she slipped into her coat and settled her hat firmly on her fluffy hair. "Good night, Mabel. Come and see me soon. Don't forget our Saturday walk." "I'll go to the door with you," announced Mabel. "No, I won't forget our walk.

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