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Take what you please, but let me take the road. 'Ah, but that is what I doubt, sir, I cannot do, the Justice answered. 'Mark you, there is motive, Sir George, and praesentia in loco, he continued, swelling with his own learning. 'And you have a partem delicti on you.

He related what had taken place, and the colonel of the 310th smiled. "I have heard of romances," he said quietly. "Excuse me." He touched the bell, and, upon a servant appearing, said "Go to Sir Mark Frayne's quarters, and ask him, with my compliments, to be good enough to step here. Audi alteram partem, gentlemen. You have an impostor in your band." "We shall see."

I do not speak in malam partem when I say I never saw a man in company with his superiors in station and information more perfectly free from either the reality or the affectation of embarrassment. I was told that his address to females was extremely deferential, and always with a turn either to the pathetic or humorous, which engaged their attention particularly.

We can arrange every thing there better than here, for we must hear the other side audi alteram partem, as a body may say." "This will be a regular jour de noce, as you would say, Major," remarked Colonel Sword, giving his arm to Mrs Smith. "It's a nos non nobis, poor auld bachelors as a body may say," replied the Major, and the whole party proceeded to the hotel.

Quæ quidem duæ partes medietatis prædictæ, continent & faciuut tertiam partem eiusdem pontis vsque austrum, in prædicta villa de Gatesheued.

Sir Mungo, who watched his victim with the delighted yet wary eye of an experienced angler, became now aware, that if he strained the line on him too tightly, there was every risk of his breaking hold. In order to give him room, therefore, to play, he protested that Lord Glenvarloch "should not take his free speech in malam partem.

Terminantur a Meridie Atlante minori, quo submoventur a Gaetulis: qui et ipsi postea oppressis et exstinctis Maurusiis Mauritaniae majorem partem occuparunt: ab Occasu est Oceanus Atlanticus, a Septemtrione fretum Herculis et mare internum; Ab Ortu primo Mulucham habuit flumen, quod Mauros a Numidis discernebat; at quum ea Numidiae pars, quae est inter Ampsagam et Mulucham, Mauritaniae adjiceretur, finis huic constitutus est Ampsaga.

No. 185. At vindicta bonum vita jucundius ipsa, Nempe hoc indocti. Chrysippus non dicet idem, nec mite Thaletis Ingenium, dulcique senex vicinus Hymetto, Qui partem adceptae saeva inter vincla Cicutoe Adcusatori nollet dare. Quippe minuti Semper et infirmi est animi exiguique voluptas Ultio. JUV. Sat. xiii. 180.

"The Arabs of The Mountains," he added, "were all banditti, those amongst whom you resided eight days. The Touaricks were not so bad, they generally protected Ghadamsee merchants. Now since the Sultan, there are only the Shânbah and the Sebâah, therefore the Ghadamseeah must pay." So, Audi alteram partem. 26th. To-day, resident thirty days in Ghadames which time I have certainly not lost.

"No; but he is one of our first chemists; and this tramping philosopher of yours this Dousterswivel is, I have a notion, one, of those learned adventurers described by Kirchner, Artem habent sine arte, partem sine parte, quorum medium est mentiri, vita eorum mendicatum ire; that is to say, Miss Wardour"

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