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These centurions were of unequal rank, those of the Triarii before those of the Principes, and those of the Principes before those of the Hastati. The first centurion of the first maniple of the Triarii stood next in rank to the tribunes, and had a seat in the military councils, and his office was very lucrative.

The misery caused in Sicily by this long war, which ended in 100 B.C., may be estimated by the fact that, whereas Sicily usually supplied Rome with corn, it was now desolated by famine, and its towns had to be supplied with grain from Rome. Before his time the Hastati, Principes, and Triarii, ranked according to length of service, had superseded the Servian classes.

Conjuraverunt inter se principes, dicentes, Projiciamus laqueos ejus." "Quousque, Domine!" ejaculated Magdalen; "this, my sister, were indeed a perilous and fatal breach in our band; but I am firm in my belief, that another will arise in the place of him so untimely removed. Where is thy daughter Catharine?"

These divisions, therefore, being drawn up in this order, the engagement began, and if the hastati were overpowered and driven back, they retired within the loose ranks of the principes, when both these divisions, being thus united into one, renewed the conflict.

She never speaks nor sits in my presence unless I give her permission. Am I not a Greek, and do I not know how to govern my own house? I asked him his terms, which were extravagant, notwithstanding his principes d'honneur. I found, however, that he was willing to take one half.

In the second place are legislatores, lawgivers; which are also called second founders, or perpetui principes, because they govern by their ordinances after they are gone; such were Lycurgus, Solon, Justinian, Eadgar, Alphonsus of Castile, the Wise, that made the Siete Partidas.

Eliguntur in conciliis et principes, qui jura per pagos vicosque reddunt, centenii singulis, ex plebe comites comcilium simul et auctoritas adsunt.

It follows closely the Recommendations of the Archaeological Joint Committee on the same subject. It was proposed at the same time that the Treaty with Turkey should enjoin the adoption by that Power of a Law of Antiquities on the same lines: Principes du reglement devant etre adopte par chacune des Puissances mandataires.

It is said he was shocked at first that the author, in speaking of the Popes, did not give them the titles which they are wont to receive from Roman Catholic authors; but was otherwise well pleased with the book. Ep. 280. p. 104. Ep. 91. p. 782 Barbeyrac's Preface. M. Daube, Essais sur les principes du Droit, Preface, p. 6. Ep. 183. p. 798.

For perhaps we have been suffering because of Julius' exploit ever since; and certainly, no matter what Neros and Caligulas followed them, the world was a long time the better for the ground the great first two Principes captured from hell.