Sed et levioribus delictis, pro modo poenarum, equorum pecorumque numero convicti mulctantur: pars mulctae regi vel civitati, pars ipsi, qui vindicatur, vel propinquis ejus exsolvitur. Eliguntur in iisdem conciliis et principes, qui jura per pagos vicosque reddunt. Centeni singulis ex plebe comites, consilium simul et auctoritas, adsunt.

'True, cried the sultan: 'but is this diamond twenty pagos weight? when you bring me one of that value, you may depend upon having all you ask. I instantly produced the rose-coloured diamond, weighed it in his presence, and, as the scale in which it was put descended, Tippoo burst forth into an exclamation of joy.

Eliguntur in conciliis et principes, qui jura per pagos vicosque reddunt, centenii singulis, ex plebe comites comcilium simul et auctoritas adsunt.

Repeatedly Tippoo promised me that the first diamond of twenty pagos weight which I should bring to him, he would grant me all I asked in favour of the slaves under my care. I imparted to them this promise, which excited them to great exertions. At last we were fortunate enough to find a diamond above the weight required.

The second in the Georgics: "Si non tanta quies iret frigusque caloremque Inter:" Georg. And shortly after, "Pagos et compita circum:" Ib. 382; And the third in the Aeneid: "Duros mille labores Rege sub Eurystheo, fatis Junonis iniquae, Pertulerit:" Aen.