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"To this extent you are brother to the Bedouin. They call a man fatis, as a reproach, who dies any other way than fighting. May you never may none of us ever suffer the disgrace of being fatis!" "There's not much danger of that!" put in the Master. "That's a big war-party, and we're drifting ashore almost exactly where they're waiting.

The primary obstacle to religious belief to-day is the difficulty of finding in this universe a rational place for freedom a "voluntas avolsa fatis." How is this obstacle to be surmounted? To this question I attempted an answer in a new philosophical book, Religion as a Credible Doctrine, of which the general contention is as follows.

To which he graciously answers "Si mora praesentis leti, tempusque caduco Oratur juveni, meque hoc ita ponere sentis, Tolle fuga Turnum, atquc instantibus eripe fatis. Hactenus indulsisse vacat. Sin altior istis Sub precibus venia ulla latet, totumque moveri Mutarive putas bellum, spes pascis inanis."

The doctrine was equally harsh and novel. The extending of the kingdom of God to those who did not conform to the law of Moses was a notion that had never before entered into the thoughts of a Jew. * "Pererebuerat oriento toto vetus et contans opinio, esse in fatis, ut eo tempore Judaea profecti rerum potirsatur." Sueton. Vespasian. cap. 4 8.

Squills, was a lake, apt to be low, and then liable to be muddy; and 'Don't disturb Camarina' was a Greek proverb derived from an oracle of Apollo; and from that Greek proverb, no doubt, comes the origin of the injunction, 'Quieta non movere, which became the favourite maxim of Sir Robert Walpole and Parson Dale. The Greek line, Mr. "'Et cui non licitum fatis Camarina moveri.

It was in the British wars, that Vespasian began his great career, "monstratus fatis"; but the island was not really added to the Empire, until Agricola subdued it for Domitian.

And these: "Credit jam digna pericula Caesar Fatis esse suis; tantusne evertere, dixit, Me superis labor est, parva quern puppe sedentem, Tam magno petiere mari;" and that idle fancy of the public, that the sun bore on his face mourning for his death a whole year: "Ille etiam extincto miseratus Caesare Romam, Cum caput obscura nitidum ferrugine texit:"

It seems that, according to this system, God could have said, even before shaping his decrees: I cannot save such and such a man, nor condemn such and such another, quippe vetor fatis, my wisdom permits it not.

Auctor operis. Auctor fuit rei adversus Britannos gerendae et feliciter gestae. Dr. See on the same subject Suet. Claud. 17. Assumpto Vespasiano, cf. Suet Vesp. 4. Quod fuit. Vespasian's participation in the war against Brit. was the commencement of his subsequent brilliant fortunes. Monstratus fatis, i.e. a fatis, by the fates. The expression is borrowed perhaps from Virg.

"Tolle fuga Turnum, atque instantibus eripe fatis" he replied, and I think with exact judgment, that when Jupiter gave Juno leave to withdraw Turnus from the present danger, it was because he certainly foreknew that his fatal hour was not come, that it was in destiny for Juno at that time to save him, and that himself obeyed destiny in giving her that leave.

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