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On one side of the Monument FACIEBAT JOHANNES BACON SCVLPTOR ANN. CHRIST. M.DCC.-LXXXXV. "Laetus sum laudari me," inquit Hector, opinor apud Naevium, "abs te, pater, a laudato viro." Cicero, Ep. ad Fam. xv. 6. To prevent any misconception on this subject, Mr. Malone, by whom these lines were obligingly communicated, requests me to add the following remark: 'In justice to the late Mr.

Ab ipso tunc patriarcha Sophronio nomine, viro veneranda canitie honestissimo ac sanctissimo, grandi cymbalorum tonitru, et luminarium immenso fulgore suscepti, ad diuinissimam ecclesiam sanctissimi sepulchri, tam Syrorum, quam Latinornm solenni processione deducti sumus.

Nunquam Mater, decessit, et inde Cura dolorq: Patri, Cura dolorq: viro. Non sublata tamen Tantum translata recessit; Nunc Rosa prima Poli Quae fuit antea soli." The loss of a young, beautiful, and amiable partner, at a period so interesting, was the probable reason of her husband devoting his fortune to a charitable institution.

Has inter voces, media inter talia verba, Ecce viro stridens alis allapsa sagitta est, Incertum qua pulsa manu AEn. xii. 318. Thus, while he spake, unmindful of defence, A winged arrow struck the pious prince; But whether from a human hand it came, Or hostile god, is left unknown by fame.

Thus the Old Irish for "man", nom. fer, gen. fir, dat. fiur, acc. fer n , plur. nom. fir, gen. fer n , is derived from the older forms viros, viri, viro, viron, nom. plur. viri, gen. plur. viron, which everyone who knows Latin can see at a glance correspond very closely to the Latin inflections, vir, viri, viro, virum, nom. plur. viri, etc. So much for the language.

SIR, Your most humble Servant, Charles Yellow. Mr. Sly, Haberdasher of Hats, at the Corner of Devereux-Court in the Strand, gives notice, That he has prepared very neat Hats, Rubbers, and Brushes for the Use of young Tradesmen in their last Year of Apprenticeship, at reasonable Rates. No. 188. Friday, October 5, 1711. Steele. 'Loetus sum Laudari a te Laudato viro. Tull.

There is an ellipsis before nisi quod, which R. would supply thus: greatly to the credit of both parties but more praise belongs to the good wife, etc. Major sc. quam in bono viro. So, after plus supply quam in malo viro: But more praise belongs to a good wife, than to a good husband, by as much as more blame attaches to a bad wife, than to a bad husband. Sors quaesturae.

And yet more generous was the answer of that great Alexander to Polypercon who was persuading him to take the advantage of the night's obscurity to fall upon Darius. Quint. "Atque idem fugientem baud est dignatus Oroden Sternere, nec jacta caecum dare cuspide vulnus Obvius, adversoque occurrit, seque viro vir Contulit, haud furto melior, sed fortibus armis."

I opened it carelessly, but as my eye fell on the President's hand, I started in amazement. The note was dated "Saturday From on board The Songstress," and ran as follows: It is a pleasant thing, as has been remarked, laudari a laudato viro, and the President's praise was grateful to me. But I did not see my way to fall in with his views.

Has inter voces, media inter talia verba, Ecce viro stridens alis allapsa sagitta est, Incertum qua pulsa manu ... But of all the descriptive Parts of this Song, there are none more beautiful than the four following Stanzas which have a great Force and Spirit in them, and are filled with very natural Circumstances.

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