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"We'd all be in the water, sure enough, if you hadn't got that rope to us. Come on, Ann! Be a sport. Do wear your laurels kindly." "I'm just as 'dumb' about books as ever. Flinging that rope didn't make any difference," growled the western girl. "I don't care if you don't know your 'A.B., abs," cried one of the girls who had taken a prominent part in the dunce cap trick.

I've heerd that th' prisident is dead gawn on him. He's me cousin. Ye can't tell much about what a man 'll be fr'm what th' kid is. That there Doherty was th' worst omadhon iv a boy that iver I knowed. He niver cud larn his a-ah-bee, abs. But see what he made iv himsilf! Th' best dhriver on th' road; an', by dad, 'tis not twinty to wan he won't be stharter befure he dies.

Miss Munsell, who taught the D primary, traded rooms with Miss Crutcher, who taught the "a-b Abs."

The messenger returned to Cais, and gave him the answer of Kerim, at which the latter was much annoyed. "Am I a king over the tribes of Abs, of Adnan, of Fazarah, and of Dibyan," he exclaimed, "and yet a common Arab dares to oppose me!" He summoned his people and his warriors.

I will let your 'learning' remain in your report; you have as much right, I suppose, to 'adorn your page' with Zulu and Chinese and Choctaw rubbish as others of your sort have to adorn theirs with insolent odds and ends smouched from half a dozen learned tongues whose A-B ABS they don't even know."

Thar's the benches, and the desks, and the books and all them 'a b, abs, jest like the old days. Dear! Dear! But the teacher in those days was ez old and grizzled ez I be and some o' the scholars no offense to you, Mr. Brooks was older and bigger nor you. But times is changed: yet look, Almiry, if thar ain't a hunk o' stale gingerbread in that desk jest as it uster be!

Mr. Lowell's Mode of Estimating the Surface-temperature of Mars. The author first states, that Professor Young, in his General Astronomy , makes the mean temperature of Mars 223.6° absolute, by using Newton's law of heat being radiated in proportion to temperature, and 363° abs.

Preachah Stone said last time he preached fur us thet we sartainly air progressin', an' I'm glad on it, too, though I never hed edvantiges myse'f. When I wuz a little gal down in Car'liny, I went to school long 'nough to l'arn my a-b-c's. Then the redskins broke up the school, an' we didn't hev no more tell I wuz a big gal an' 'shamed to go an' l'arn my a-b abs 'long with the little shavers.

And some times I would resent it, and some times when I wuz real good natured, for every human bein' no matter how high principled, has ebbs and flows in their moral temperatures, some times I would let him instruct me and take it meekly like a child learnin' its A-B abs. But to resoom.

So part of almost every day she taught her children. The girls and little Harry, who was just learning his letters and "a-b, abs," studied during the daytime; but the older boys did their lessons by the light of the candle dips, or lying on the hearth before the dancing fire.

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