There was Mrs Iver to be said good-by to plump, peaceful, proper Mrs Iver, whom nothing had great power to stir save an unkindness and an unconventionality; before either of these she bristled surprisingly. "I hope you've all enjoyed this lovely afternoon," she said to Mina. "Oh, yes, we have, Mrs Iver not quite equally perhaps, but still " Mrs Iver sighed and kissed her.

'Did ye inlist in th' army, brave man? says Pat. 'I swore him over age, says I. 'Was ye dhrafted in? says th' little man. 'No, says O'Toole. 'Him an' me was in th' same cellar, says I. 'Did ye iver hear iv Ree-saca, 'r Vicksburg, 'r Lookout Mountain? th' little man wint on. 'Did anny man iver shoot at ye with annything but a siltzer bottle?

'I cannot unsay them, sir; and I believe as I should say them again. But she said this as one who rather hopes for a contradiction. All Jeremiah replied, however, was, 'Poor wee child! in a pitiful tone, addressed to the baby. Sylvia's eyes filled with tears. 'Oh, sir, I'll do anything as iver yo' can tell me for her.

Blinkhampton is not essential to me; and your hotel and so on won't flourish much if I leave my tumble-down cottages and pigsties just behind them. Will you put these papers together, Duplay?" The Major obeyed leisurely. Sloyd was licking his lips and looking acutely unhappy. "You're absolutely resolved, Harry?" "Absolutely, Mr Iver." "Well, I give it up. It's bad for me, and it's worse for you.

For there's no use speaking ill on t' dead; an' though I couldn't abear his coming for iver about t' house, he were a rare good specksioneer, as I've been told. 'But how do you know he was drowned? said Philip, feeling guiltily disappointed at his aunt's story. 'Why, lad!

"Did ye iver behold such a shmile, Terence?" cried the little woman, when the flotilla had strung into shape and the green summer shores were slipping past. "'Tis like the look av th' Virgin in th' little Chapel av St. Joseph beyant Belknap's skirts, so sad and yet as fair as light!"

Did you iver feel that way, sorr?" I snored gently, knowing that if Mulvaney were uninterrupted he would go on. The clamor from the bivouac fires beat up to the stars, as the rival singers of the companies were pitted against each other. "So I felt that way an' a bad time ut was.

"As soon as ever Edge comes back, I shall draw his attention to the curry." Everybody else had rather lost their interest in the subject. Neeld and Harry were in conversation. Iver sat down by Southend, and, while lunch was preparing, endeavored to distract his mind by giving him a history of the morning. Southend too was concerned in Blinkhampton.

'Tin dollars blind an' sivin days on the in the gyard-house, ma'am, says I; an' says she, 'Here's twinty for the tin they robbed ye of, and five for every day they kep' ye from yer masther an' Dandy. An', begorra, lootenant, she ran in the house before iver I could shpake another wurrud." "Go it, Mickey Free!" shouted Blake, roaring with laughter.

But Posh "worn't a goin' ta hev his faa'er put oover him, nor he worn't a goin' ta take no pledge. Did ye iver hear o' sich a thing?" So in due course, on the 17th February, 1874, Mr. So Mr. Balls writes me. But he has no letters from FitzGerald, and was kind enough to look up the valuation and sale transactions in his books at my request.