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In my dominions there is no nobility but flattery. Whoever flatters me best is created a great lord, and the titles I confer are synonimous to their merits. There is Kiss-my-breech-Can, my favourite; Adulation-Can, lord treasurer; Prerogative-Can, head of the law; and Blasphemy-Can, high-priest. Whoever speaks truth, corrupts his blood, and is ipso facto degraded.

First, the prophet is 'raised up' by God; the individual holder of the office has his 'call' and does not 'prophesy out of his own heart. The man who takes this office on himself without such a call is ipso facto branded as a false prophet.

And the same metaphor, if you like, lies here in my text that men who have given their wills and inmost natures over to the dominion of self and that is the definition of sin that such men are, ipso facto, by reason of that very surrender of themselves to their worst selves, dead on what I may call the top side of their nature, and that all that is there is atrophied and dwindling away.

"I must object, my Lord," he said, "on behalf of the defendants, to this witness being allowed to enter the box." "Upon what grounds, Mr. Attorney?" said his Lordship. "Upon the ground that her mouth is, ipso facto, closed. If we are to believe the plaintiff's story, this young lady is herself the will of Jonathan Meeson, and, being so, is certainly, I submit, not competent to give evidence.

Respondit Patricius: "Faciam ego"; et dixit magus: "Nolo ego ad judicium ire aquae cum ipso; aquam etiam Deum habet"; because he heard that it was through water Patrick used to baptize. Et respondit rex: "Mittite igitur in igne"; et ait Patricius: "Promptus sum;" at magus nolens dixit; "Hic homo versa vice in alternos annos nunc aquam nunc ignem deum veneratur."

All members of the college are eligible for membership, all members of the organized sports are ipso facto members of the association, and the Director of Physical Training is a member ex officio. An annual contribution of one dollar is solicited from each member of the association, and special funds are raised by voluntary contribution.

That he has never been so much as alleged to have murdered anyone does not signify. He was a servant a trusted servant of the Borgias; therefore the title of "assassin" is, ipso facto, to be bestowed upon him. The flight of a man holding such an intimate position as Troche's was naturally a subject of much speculation and gossip, but a matter upon which there was no knowledge.

If there were any antagonism between the interests of the individual and those of the race we should indeed be in a quandary, but as I have shown a hundred times there is no such antagonism. The man or woman from whom a divorce ought to be obtained is ipso facto the man or woman who ought not to be a parent. When it is a question of life or gold, we in England are consistent Mammon worshippers.

Therefore let us honour the grammarian in his place; and, among others, these old grammarians of Alexandria; only being sure that as soon as any man begins, as they did, displaying himself peacock-fashion, boasting of his science as the great pursuit of humanity, and insulting his fellow- craftsmen, he becomes, ipso facto, unable to discover any more truth for us, having put on a habit of mind to which induction is impossible; and is thenceforth to be passed by with a kindly but a pitying smile.

By the express provision of the act distributing the proceeds of the sales of the public lands among the States its operation is ipso facto to cease so soon as the rate of the duties shall exceed the limits prescribed in the act.