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Commander under Anthony, and conqueror of the Parthians in three battles, A.U.C. 715. He was raised from the lowest rank and the meanest employment, hence perhaps the expression, dejectus infra, humbled beneath Ventidius. Caius Marius almost annihilated the Cimbri at Aquae Sextiae, A.U.C. 652. Drusus.

On the battle- fields of Aquae Sextiae and Vercellae, of Chaeronea and Orchomenus, were heard the first peals of that thunderstorm, which the Germanic tribes and the Asiatic hordes were destined to bring upon the Italo- Grecian world, and the last dull rolling of which has reached almost to our own times. But in internal development also this epoch bears the same character.

Non hoc semper erit liminis aut aquae caelestis patiens latus . King's mouth twitched to hide a grin. 'Was that done with intention? 'I I thought it fitted, sir. 'It does. It's distinctly happy. What put it into your thick head, Paddy? 'I don't know, sir, except we did the Ode last term. 'And you remembered? The same head that minted probrosis as a verb! Vernon, you are an enigma. No!

Nevertheless Marius was regarded as the real conqueror of the Cimbri, and justly; not merely because by virtue of his higher rank he had held the chief command on the decisive day, and was in military gifts and experience beyond doubt far superior to his colleague, but especially because the second victory at Vercellae had in fact been rendered possible only by the first victory at Aquae Sextiae.

A more pitiful position can hardly be conceived than that occupied by the hero of Aquae and Vercellae after such a disaster all the more pitiful, because people could not but compare it with the lustre which only a few months before surrounded the same man.

The law, I say, which is that that would, if anything in the whole world, give life unto the world, but that yet killeth, condemneth, and was added that the offence might abound; wherefore there is no life either in the world or in the doctrine of the world. It is only in this water, in this grace of God, which is here called the after of life, or God's aquae vitae.

But the fact is, their irresistible charm outweighs all the exceptions of criticism. While we read we become like Virgil's own shepherd; we cannot choose but surrender ourselves to the magic influence: "Tale tuum carmen nobis, divine poeta, Quale sopor fessis in gramine, quale per herbam Dulcis aquae saliente sitim restinguere rivo."

Sulla himself was a hardened, cool, and clearheaded man, in whose eyes the sovereign Roman burgesses were a rabble, the hero of Aquae Sextiae a bankrupt swindler, formal legality a phrase, Rome itself a city without a garrison and with its walls half in ruins, which could be far more easily captured than Nola. Sulla's March on Rome On these views he acted.

The Domitian highway after long preparations furnished a secure land-route from Italy to Spain, and was closely connected with the founding of Aquae Sextiae and Narbo; the Gabinian and the Egnatian led from the principal places on the east coast of the Adriatic sea the former from Salona, the latter from Apollonia and Dyrrhachium into the interior; the network of roads laid out by Manius Aquillius immediately after the erection of the Asiatic province in 625 led from the capital Ephesus in different directions towards the frontier.

Et inde venitur in Mare Galileae, quod quamuis dicatur mare, est lacus aquae dulcis longus.

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