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The next simile exemplifies the use of hyperbole at its happiest, an ornament, by the way, to which Statius is specially prone. It is a very short one. It compares an infant to the babe Apollo crawling on the shore of Delos: "Talis per litora reptans Improbus Ortygiae latus inclinabat Apollo." This is delightful.

By such a common possession the way was prepared for their advance from that cantonal individuality, with which the history of every people necessarily begins, to the national union with which the history of every people ends or at any rate ought to end. I. II. Italians Latus, formerly -stlatus-, has no connection with Latium.

Theb. vii. 744: "Sic ubi nubiferum montis latus aut nova ventis Solvit hiems aut victa situ non pertulit aetas; Desilit horrendus campo timor, arma virosque Limite, non uno longaevaque robora secum Praecipitans, tandemque exhaustus turbine fesso Aut vallum cavat, aut medios intercipit amnes."

G, p. 1626: 'Someone has said that the subject of Grace is an ocean which has neither shore nor bottom. Perhaps he would have spoken more correctly if he had compared it to the Strait of Messina, where one is always in danger of striking one reef while endeavouring to avoid another. Dextrum Scylla latus, laevum implacata Charybdis Obsidet.

I am sure that Lord Lyons, as it is his paramount duty, has sent to Earl Russell a full and detailed biography of this Seward's alter ego, sent ad latus to Mr. Adams. Thurlow Weed will be considered an agreeable fellow; but he never can acquire much weight and consideration, neither with the statesmen, nor with the members of the government, nor in saloons, nor with the public at large.

But, I thank Heaven, I know, I feel I feel my innocence, my friend; and I would not part with that feeling for the world. For as long as I know I have never done, nor even designed, an injury to any being whatever, Pone me pigris ubi nulla campis Arbor aestiva recreatur aura, Quod latus mundi nebulae, malusque Jupiter urget.

"Hujus claudit latus LUDOVICUS OGLETHORPE, tam paternae virtutis, quam fortunae, haeres; qui, proelio Schellenbergensi victoria Hockstatensis preludio tempestivum suis inclinantibus ferens auxilium vulnere honestissima accepit, et praeclarae spe Indolis frustrata. Ob. XXII aetatis, Anno Dom. 1704. "Charissimo utriusque marmor hoc, amantissima conjux et mater possuit, Domina Eleonora Oglethorpe."

Leave we then the breeches in the taylor's hands, with my father standing over him with his cane, reading him as he sat at work a lecture upon the latus clavus, and pointing to the precise part of the waistband, where he was determined to have it sewed on. Leave we Slop likewise to the full profits of all my dishonours. Leave we poor Le Fever to recover, and get home from Marseilles as he can.

Non hoc semper erit liminis aut aquae caelestis patiens latus . King's mouth twitched to hide a grin. 'Was that done with intention? 'I I thought it fitted, sir. 'It does. It's distinctly happy. What put it into your thick head, Paddy? 'I don't know, sir, except we did the Ode last term. 'And you remembered? The same head that minted probrosis as a verb! Vernon, you are an enigma. No!

You shall see them come out with fire and fury sparkling in their eyes: "Rabie jecur incendente, feruntur, Praecipites; ut saxa jugis abrupta, quibus mons Subtrahitur, clivoque latus pendente recedit," There is no passion that so much transports men from their right judgment as anger.

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