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Poynsett could not give up and turn into a dowager, as if she were not the mistress herself." "Was that all?" "So it was said." "I want to get to the bottom of it. It was not because Lord Tyrrell came in the way." "I am afraid they thought so here." "Then," said Eleonora, in a hard, dry way, "I know the reason of our being brought back here, and of a good deal besides."

'Viktor took it from Eleonora Karpovna; he said that it was with your leave, Susanna replied, also in a low voice. 'He said... he said... my leave... growled Ivan Demianitch. 'I'm on the spot myself, I fancy. Might be asked. And who's had that seventeen roubles? 'The upholsterer. 'Oh... the upholsterer. What's that for? 'His bill. 'His bill.

"I believe that taking that boy from his home makes us responsible." "And do I hinder you from catechizing him to your heart's content? or sending him to the school of design?" Again Eleonora was silent. Perhaps the balancing of the footman's head occupied her mind. At any rate, no more was said till the sisters had reached their home.

Most recently of all, Gabriele d'Annunzio, the well-known Italian poet and novelist, has made this story the subject of a powerful drama, which was interpreted in a most wonderful way by the great Italian actress, Eleonora Duse.

The young idea delights in miraculous instances of fidelity. What more charming to a young and ardent mind than the loves of Dante and Beatrix, of Eleonora and Tasso, of Petrarch and Laura, of Abelard and Heloise, or of Dean Swift and Stella?

From 1697 to 1710. The Spanish Succession. The Impotence of Charles II. Appeal to the Pope. His Decision. Death of Charles II. Accession of Philip V. Indignation of Austria. The outbreak of War. Charles III. crowned. Insurrection in Hungary. Defection of Bavaria. The Battle of Blenheim. Death of Leopold I. Eleonora. Accession of Joseph I. Charles XII. of Sweden. Charles III. in Spain.

Ele. Oh, my Lord, heare me! By all that's good Fer. Peace, Eleonora; I have thought the Course. If you dare justify the accusation You shall to Sherrys, and then before the Judges Plead your owne cause. Hen. And there Ile answer it. Fer. There, if you prove the Rape, he shalbe forcd Eyther to satisfy you by marriage Or else to loose his periurd head. Hen. I am content.

Yet the Citty is safe enough; feare not, Eleonora; The Bullets make no noyse here: if the Towne Should yield her strength up to th'invader, thou Art lockd up like a spirit in a Christall: Not an enchanted Castle, held up by Strong charme, is halfe so safe.

Of the last named type was the story "Eleonora," which appeared, not in Graham's, but in The Gift for the new year, and wherein was set forth in phrases like strung jewels the story of the "Valley of the Many-Colored Grass." The whole fabric of this loveliest of his conceptions is like a web wrought in some fairy loom of bright strands of silk of every hue, and studded with fairest gems.

In 1529 he married one of the ladies in waiting to the empress, Eleonora de Castro, who bore him five sons and three daughters. When she died, in 1546, the Duke of Gandia yielded to his long-standing desire to enter the Society of Jesus and to relinquish his brilliant position forever. It seemed as if a mysterious force was impelling him thus to expiate the crimes of his house.