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And on this wise did the deceiver abide at the feet of the deceived." I cannot find any satisfactory explanation of this proverbial saying, which may be rendered in two ways, according as quale and tale are taken as relative to a thing or a person.

He tells Lodovico how he had seen her son Cesare, who had grown into a very fine child "quale è grasso, dico grasso!" and how he had made the little fellow laugh.

But this is one. Spurina, a young man of Tuscany: "Qualis gemma micat, fulvum quae dividit aurum, Aut collo decus, aut cupiti: vel quale per artem Inclusum buxo aut Oricia terebintho Lucet ebur,"

The kind of construction, istuc videre quale sit for videre quale istuc sit, is especially common in Cicero. FACIAM UT POTERO: 'I will do it as well as I can. Observe the future potero where English idiom would require a present. So Rep. 1, 38 hic Scipio, faciam quod voltis, ut potero.

Esso nauigò tanto auanti, che venne in luogo, doue erano grandissimi freddi, et in gradi 60. di latitudine trouò vn fiume carico di neue, dalla quale gli dette il nome, chiamandolo Rio Neuado, gli bastò l’animo di passar piu auanti.

"So!" he answered, adopting my words, and afterward using them at a church social with some effect. "In spite of Hell Slew and high water. An' if dey bane too soft in de hand to come, I bring you out a fine farm girl from Norvay." This idea furnished us meat for much joking, and then it grew almost earnest, as jokes will. We finally settled down to a cousin of his, Christina Quale.

Quale, whose mission, as I think I have formerly said, was to be in ecstasies with everybody's mission cared at all for anybody's mission. Mrs.

So the bailiff had to desist from his attempt to make the demon speak Greek, as he had before been obliged to give up trying to make him speak Hebrew and Gaelic. Barre then continued his examination. "Quis attulit pactum?" "Quale nomen magi?" "Quis Urbanus? Est-ne Urbanus papa?" "Grandier." "Cujus qualitatis?" "Curcatus."

"E quale e quei che disvuol cio che volle, E per nuovi pensier sangia proposta, Si che del cominciar tutto si tolle; Tal mi fec' io in quella oscura costa; Perche pensando consumai la impresa Che fu nel cominciar cotanto tosta."

Quale nempe primordium, ovum est et plantarum semen; tale etiam viviparorum conceptus, et insectorum vermis ab Aristotele dictus: diversa scilicet diversorum viventium primordia." The definition of a germ as "matter potentially alive, and having within itself the tendency to assume a definite living form," appears to meet all the requirements of modern science.

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