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Italy, in the consulship of Lucius AEmilius Papus and Caius Attilius Regulus, armed, upon the Gallic tumult that then happened of herself, and without the aid of foreign auxiliaries, 70,000 horse and 700,000 foot; but as Italy is the least of those three countries in extent, so is France now the most populous. "'I, decus, I, nostrum, melioribus utere fatis.

But the Germans and Swiss, more gross and heavy, had not the sense to look about them, even when the blows were falling about their ears. "Haud ignarus . . . . quantum nova gloria in armis, Et praedulce decus, primo certamine possit."

That theory of Sir George Cornewall Lewis cannot then be accepted; there being nothing, for the leading reason given by him, that should induce us to question the accuracy of history as regards the Roman monarchy. Hunc lege quaeso librum, quem condidit ore disertus, Et Latiae linguae Poggius ipse decus. BEBELIUS. Utilissimus Liber.

Sunt sua praemia laudi, says Virgil; and so Cicero, Nihil habet natura praestantius, quam honestatem, quam laudem, quam dignitatem, quam decus, which he tells you are all names for the same thing. This is the language of the heathen philosophers, who well understood wherein their notions of virtue and vice consisted.

Christiani. Natus. est. V. Nov. Anno. MDCCXXXV. Obiit. XVIII. Aug. MDCCCIII. Omnibus. Liberis. Orbus. Quorum. Natu. Maximus. JACOBUS. HAY. BEATTIE. Vel. a. Puerilibus. Annis. Patrio. Vigens. Ingenio. Novumque. Decus. Jam. Addens. Paterno. Suis. Carissimus. Patriae. Flebilis. Lenta. Tabe. Consumptus. Periit. Anno. Aetatis.

But exceptions are to be made; one of which must be a friend so eminent as Sir Joshua Reynolds, who was truly his dulce decus, and with whom he maintained an uninterrupted intimacy to the last hour of his life. When Johnson lived in Castle-street, Cavendish-square, he used frequently to visit two ladies, who lived opposite to him, Miss Cotterells, daughters of Admiral Cotterell.

"Do with me what you please: I shall not prove a traitor: if the Romans had courage, so have I to say 'longus post me ordo idem petentium decus." "Get you hence," brawled the director; and the pedellus led me away. Two hours afterwards they told me I might go home; I was saved. Just that implacable director had proved himself the best in his efforts to rescue us.

"Hardly anybody ever does." "Yes; Decus et praesidium," Pauline read. "For grace and protection," Geoffry translated. "Isn't that pretty?" They went inside the felze again, without giving any directions to the gondolier, and Vittorio, delightedly equal to the occasion, rowed on, through intricate, winding ways, with many a challenging sta-i! and premi-o! and out across the Giudecca Canal.

"But, Susan, my nightingale, perhaps you are not aware that there is an authority in existence to which father, mother, and all must knuckle down. That is the church, Susan. Reflect dulce decus meum that the power of the church is able to loose and unloose, to tie and untie, to forgive and to punish, to raise to the highest heaven, or to sink to the profoundest Tartarus.

Of much use it is to an English public to have the classical phraseology of Gulielmus Britanniarum Rex, put in place of the national language. Then too we must have the collar of the Order of the Garter to encircle the national arms, of which this Order is nonsensically pronounced "Decus et Tutamen." The Glory and Protection. The Order of the Garter the glory and protection of England!