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Fate treasured in her gloomy womb, altogether undescried by man, the hour and the scene in which the most ardent wish of William Brandon was to be realized. O Fortuna, viris invida fortibus Quam non aqua bonis praemia dividis.

Resume the reins of government, hold them with a firm hand, and act, so that it cannot be said of you, 'Faeminas et scorta volvit ammo et haec principatus praemia putat': Sire, if I see that my sincere advice should have produced any change, I shall continue it, and enter into more details; if not, I shall remain silent."

For instance, on folio 87, recto, we find "tolerare laborem propter virtutem quis vult si praemia desunt," written in the style of "Experience" No. 1 above, though not so carefully, and immediately beneath it, manifestly with the same pen, and it would seem with the same pen-full of ink, "the saying of Galen," in the style of No. 4, "strangers where they come," etc.

"Non levia aut ludicra petuntur Praemia;" the chase is there in very good earnest: the question is, which of these letters is to be rewarded for so many sieges, battles, wounds, imprisonments, and services done to the crown of France by this famous constable?

Never did any one prepare to bid adieu to the world more absolutely and unreservedly, and to shake hands with all manner of interest in it, than I expect to do. The deadest deaths are the best: "'Miser, O miser, aiunt, 'omnia ademit Una dies infesta mihi tot praemia vitae." And the builder, "Manuet," says he, "opera interrupta, minaeque Murorum ingentes."

Besides I well know, and, I trust, have acted on that knowledge, that it must be the ignorant and injudicious who extol the unworthy; and the eulogies of critics without taste or judgment are the natural reward of authors without feeling or genius. Sint unicuique sua praemia.

"He was deprived of all his support," says Graunt, "stripped of his pension, and cut off from the assistance of his friends, who had now lost their influence: so that he had nec praemia nec praedia, neither pension nor estate to support him at Cambridge." There is no credit due to a rhetorician's account either of good or evil.

"Aut trudit acres hinc et hinc multa cane Apros in obstante plagas, Aut amite levi rara leiidit retia, Turdis edacibus dolos; Pavidumve leporem, et advenam laqueo gruem, Jucunda captat praemia."

Now Grampian hills. Cruda senectus. Cf. Virg. Aen. 6, 304: sed cruda deo viridisque senectus. Crudus is rarely found in this sense except in the poets. Sua decora==praemia ob virtutem bellicam accepta. E. Any and all badges of distinction, especially in arms. Wr., Or. and Dod. XXX. Causas belli. Explained by universi servitutis expertes below, to be the defence of their liberties.

To conclude the contention betwixt our three poets I will use the words of Virgil in his fifth AEneid, where AEneas proposes the rewards of the foot-race to the three first who should reach the goal: "Tres praemia primi . . . Accipient, flauaque caput nectentur oliva."

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