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Some masterly hand played the "Recitative" of Eia Mater, bringing out the bass with powerful emphasis, and concluding with the full strains of the chorus; then the organ-tones sank into solemn minor chords indescribably plaintive, and after a while a quartette of choir voices sang the "Sancta Mater! istud agas, Crucifixi fige plagas," ending with the most impassioned strain of the Stabat Mater,

Ad matres, ad conjuges vulnera ferunt; nec illae numerare, aut exigere plagas pavent; cibosque et hortamina pugnantibus gestant.

"Aut trudit acres hinc et hinc multa cane Apros in obstante plagas, Aut amite levi rara leiidit retia, Turdis edacibus dolos; Pavidumve leporem, et advenam laqueo gruem, Jucunda captat praemia."

One day, when the saint had retired to his devotions, the boys amused themselves with his little pet; and a struggle arising among them for its possession, the head was torn from the body altogether a natural incident. Thereupon, says the narrator, fear was turned to grief, and the avenging birch "plagas virgarum quæ puerorum gravissima tormenta esse solent" arose terribly in their sight.

Quod est ante pedes, nemo spectat: caeli scrutantur plagas. III. XII. Irreligious Spirit In the -Telephus- we find him saying -Palam mutire plebeio piaculum est. III. XIII. Luxury The following verses, excellent in matter and form, belong to the adaptation of the -Phoenix- of Euripides: -Sed virum virtute vera vivere animatum addecet, Fortiterque innoxium vocare adversum adversarios.

Hope-Scott was left alone in Abbotsford, with his only surviving child, a very fragile and delicate flower too, such as to make a father tremble while he kissed it. Sancta Mater, istud agas, Crucifixi fige plagas, Cordi meo valide. My babes, why were you born, Since in life's early morn Death overtook you, and, before I could half love you, you were mine no more?

I have learnt 'centum plagas Spartana nobilitate concoquere. I have not learnt how to plunder others of goods, or living, and make myself amends by force of arms.

Magnam occasionem certamque rationem emendandae Europae nobis attulit celeberrima Angloram per Cronium mare nauigatio: quae littora Septentrionalia Finlappie Moscouiaeque iuxta coeli situm, mundique plagas digesta habet.

Qui mos animaduertendi ipsis etiam in Christianos seruos domi familiaris esse dicitur. Post carnificinam huiusmodo, si durior dominus illis contigerat, viuos in totam noctem collo tenus defodiebant, presentissimum illud ad plagas remedium esse ludibrio dictitantes.

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