The notes given in Scott's edition are, in the main, altered from Faulkner's edition. SOME ARGUMENTS AGAINST ENLARGING the POWER OF BISHOPS In LETTING OF LEASES. WITH REMARKS on some Queries lately published. Mibi credite, major haereditas venit unicuique vestraem in iisdem bonis ae jure & ae legibus, quam ab iis ae quibus illa ipsa bona relicta sunt. Cicero pro A. Caecina.

Omne perceptum percipientem supponit. But neither can the principle be found in a subject as a subject, contra-distinguished from an object: for unicuique percipienti aliquid objicitur perceptum.

Besides I well know, and, I trust, have acted on that knowledge, that it must be the ignorant and injudicious who extol the unworthy; and the eulogies of critics without taste or judgment are the natural reward of authors without feeling or genius. Sint unicuique sua praemia.

If His Majesty repays us so abundantly, that even in this life the reward and gain of those who serve Him become visible, what will it be in the next? Ch. xx. section 30. Ch. xx. section 34. Exod. xxiii. 15: "Non apparebis in conspectu meo vacuus." Apoc. ii. 23: "Dabo unicuique vestrum secundum opera sua." See ch. xxxii. section 1. "Farsa de esta vida tan mal concertada."