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After this conference we passed an act for the purpose of ascertaining the bona fide floating debt and found that it did not amount to more than $250,000 for the four years; we created a commission to sift that indebtedness and to scale it.

But in this no special notice had of course been taken of Katie; and she had a kind of idea, whence derived she knew not, that it would be improper for her to talk to this man, unless she were actually and bona fide introduced to him.

Hippo Regius is now Bona, or rather has been replaced by that town, which lies about a mile and a half north of the ancient Hippo, close upon the coast, in the fertile tract formed by the soil brought down by the river Seybouse.

We read of a Countess of March, in the reign of Edward III., who defended Dunbar with uncommon courage against Montague and an English army; a Countess of Montfort shut herself up in the fortress of Hennebon, and successfully defied the whole power of Charles of Blois; Jane Hatchett repulsed in person a considerable body of Burgundian troops; Altrude, Countess of Bertinora, advanced with an army to the relief of Ancona; Bona Lombardi, with a body of troops, liberated her husband from captivity; Isabella of Lorraine raised an army for the rescue of her husband; Queen Philippa, during the absence of her husband in Scotland, stationed herself in the Castle of Bamborough and defied the threats of Douglas, and afterwards headed an army against David, King of Scotland, and took him prisoner, and shut him up in the Tower of London.

"Taking all these experiences together," says Sir Rutherford Alcock, formerly British minister to China, a gentleman by no means inclined to judge Chinese officials favorably, "the impression left is decidedly to the advantage of the central government so far as the bona fides of the safe-conduct given is concerned."

This is Tuesday; suppose I give you till Thursday?" "The stones shall be ready for you by Thursday, sir." "Very good. I will call for them on Thursday morning. In the meantime, in order that you may understand that the transaction is a bona fide one, I'll write a cheque for ten thousand, payable to your order, on account of diamonds to be purchased by me. I have my cheque-book in my pocket.

Thus she is ready to the hand of the Continental fortune seeker masquerading as a nobleman occasionally but not often the black sheep of some noble family carrying not a bona fide but a courtesy title the count and the no-account, the lord and the Lord knows who!

It might also be an exception that if the widow that claimed had really, bona fide, left her by her husband to her own use, clear of all debts and legacies, 2,000 pounds, she should have no claim, the intent being to aid the poor, not add to the rich. But there lie a great many objections against such an article, as It may tempt some to forswear themselves.

But there may be taken by special agreement, in Florida and Louisiana, eight per cent.; in Mississippi, Arkansas, Ohio, Missouri, Iowa, ten; in Texas and Wisconsin, twelve; in Minnesota and California, any rate. In Illinois and Michigan, for money loaned, it may be ten. In Mississippi, for the bona fide use of money eight per cent.

But tho' there is so little Care, as I have observed, taken, or Observation made of the natural Strain of Men, it is no small Comfort to me, as a SPECTATOR, that there is any right Value set upon the bona Indoles of other Animals; as appears by the following Advertisement handed about the County of Lincoln , and subscribed by Enos Thomas, a Person whom I have not the Honour to know, but suppose to be profoundly learned in Horse-flesh.