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For Wark's characteristic retort had been to pack her box and go to spend sixteen months among her kinsfolk, where energy was accounted a virtue, and smooth ways held in suspicion. At the end of that time, seeming to judge the lesson she wished to impart had been sufficiently digested, Wark wrote to Miss Vida proposing to come back. For some months she waited for the answer.

It was like one of these gargles you see on rare old churches in Europe. He was just hating everyone in the world, not even playing himself a favourite. And Vida had stood his growling as long as she could. Having at last give up the notion of tracking back to New York, she plumped herself down in the seat with this raging wild beast and begged for his troubles.

As the wan mother watched the end of the transaction which left the sniffler now quite consoled, in possession of the modest coin, she said naïvely 'When anybody gives one of my children a penny, I always save half of it for them the next day. Vida Levering turned her head away, and in so doing met Lord Borrodaile's eyes over the back of the bench. She gave a faint start of surprise, and then

'Here's the hot milk, said Vida. 'Now we'll have some more coffee. 'Are you coming with me to-day? Mrs. Fox-Moore asked quite cheerfully for her as the servant shut the door. 'Oh, is this Friday?

In another, "The Woman Pays Powerful and Picturesque, a Virile Masterpiece of Red-Blooded Hearts," Vida Sommers is powerfully hating her husband whom she has confronted in the den of a sneering and superbly gowned adventuress who declares that the husband must choose between them. Of course there can be no doubt about the husband's choice. No sane movie actor would hesitate a second.

Dios de mi vida! I never was so happy in my life." Gwynne walked about the large old-fashioned room with its bow-window, and alcove for the bed. He had half expected that the room he had so often passed with reluctant steps would be furnished in blue or pink, but it was as red as that of the traditional queen.

He showed up safe and sound and whistling in another ten minutes, and became the life of the party. He looked near as happy as Vida did when she embraced him out in the hall, a fine handsome young fellow, the best-natured in the world, jollying the boarders and jollying me and jollying Vida that he called Baby Girl, or Babe.

He went into Don Polycarpo's room and cried 'Fire! Of course the old man ran there, and then we locked him in. Diego had screwed down the window first. Dios de mi vida! but he is terrible, that man! What have I done to be punished with him?" "Thou art too handsome and too cruel, my Luisa. But, in truth, he is an old wild-cat. The saints be praised that he is safe for the night. Did he swear?"

'I know who you mean, Vida whispered back, her eyes on Mrs. Graham Townley's aggressively high-piled hair towering over the bald pate of the minister, as, side by side, they disappeared through the dining-room door. 'Why does Laura have her? 'Well, she's immensely intelligent, they say, he sighed. 'That's why I wonder, laughed Vida. 'We are rather frivolous, I'm afraid.

En Moliere y en Moratín no se encuentra un solo plan de esta especie: el poeta cómico no debe hacer hipótesis; debe sorprender y retratar a la naturaleza tal cual es; esta comedia hubiera requerido una mujer realmente enamorada, y que realmente hubiera hecho una locura, como en el Viejo y la Niña sucede; verdad es que entonces no hubiera podido ser dichoso el desenlace, y acaso habrá huido de esto el señor Gorostiza; éste era defecto del asunto, así como lo es también la aglomeración en horas de tantas cosas distintas, importantes, y regularmente más apartadas entre en el discurso de la vida.