One dominating idea seems to have influenced them in the whole of their work esto perpetua was their motto; and though they have been excelled by later peoples in grace and beauty, it is a question whether they have ever been surpassed in the skill with which they adapted their means to the end which they always kept in view. Plan.

DOÑA MATILDE. ¡Que me case y que no le vuelva a ver en su vida!... y él mismo me lo indica.... ¡Dios mío, qué entrañas tienen estos padres! ¡Que me case!... ¡Si sospechará alguna cosa de lo que Eduardo y yo tenemos tratado para cuando ya no haya otro recurso! ¿Y queda ya alguno por ventura? ¡Que me case!... Y bien, ... me casaré ... me casaré con el hombre de mi elección, con el único mortal que me es simpático, y que puede proporcionarme la mayor felicidad posible en este mundo ... la de amar y ser amada; porque o yo no en lo que se cifra el ser una mujer dichosa, o ha de consistir necesariamente en estar siempre al lado de lo que ella ama; en jurarle a cada instante un eterno cariño; en respirar el aire que él respire ... ¿y cuesta acaso algo de esto dinero?

Ben Jonson established the Apollo room at the "Devil Tavern" by Temple Bar and drew up his famous "Convivial Laws," which, while granting admittance to "learned, urbane merry goodfellows" and "choice women," forbade horseplay, and concluded "focus perennis esto."

Carnet, iii. p. 45. "Mas contodo esto siendo el temor un compagnero inseparabile dell'affection," &c. Carnet, iv. p. 3. Madame de Motteville was in attendance on Anne of Austria when the rumour of the abortive attempt at assassination brought a crowd of courtiers to the Louvre in hot haste to protest their devotedness to the Crown.

I have said all this upon a supposition that the Informations & Examinations lay a sufficient foundation for a Prosecution, for I have not seen any Copies of them. If they do not, id neo dictum esto. But there your Grace will be pleased to refer to Mr. Attorney or Mr. Solicitor.

The dismantled fort, the broken stockade, the empty fosse, and the crumbling ramparts, where wandering sheep crop the herbage and the swallows build their nests in the months of the overturned and rusty cannon, are all the evidence of the long reign of an unbroken peace. Esto perpetua so may it ever be. A few words in conclusion as to the construction of this story of the War.

I think it is true of the Irish aristocracy that even its period of greatest glory, even when Grattan was waving his arms and shouting "Esto Perpetua!" it remained sane. I have nothing else left of what my forefathers bequeathed to me, but I still have this temperament. A man clings desperately to the last remnants of his heritage. The artist's soul is a reality. I admitted that.

In Lima the tertulias, or chit-chat parties, and even the gaiety of the public promenade, had almost disappeared, and quando se acabara esto? 'When will this end? was constantly ejaculated. "In Santiago every scene was reversed. Mirth and gaiety presided at paseos, confidence and frankness at the daily tertulias.

There are among the millions of Southerners alive to-day few who will admit that their fathers fought in an unjust cause, but there are probably still fewer, if any at all, who would still wish to secede if they had the power. Jefferson Davis himself could, at the last, close his record of his own defeat and of the triumph of the Union with the words Esto Perpetua.

If his young friend would give him the pleasure of taking a few lessons, they could begin even now. It would while away the time on the voyage. He had his own method of teaching, a method based on the Berlitz system, but not borrowed from it, and, he ventured to say, possessing its own good points. For example: el tabaco la pipa los cigarillos. Que es esto? Esto es la pipa. Very simple.