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DOÑA MATILDE. ¡Me compadeces! MARQUESA. Criada con tanto regalo, y obligada ahora a tener que ganar tu vida, cosiendo o bordando, o ... porque algo tendrás que hacer para ayudar a tu marido ... que por su parte también trabajará sin duda.... DOÑA MATILDE. Un escribano le ha dicho que le dará que copiar ... cuando tenga.

Then Matilde, before Gregorio could speak, went and opened it suddenly and looked out, but there was no one there. "She would not listen at the door!" exclaimed Gregorio, with some contempt for his wife's caution. "She? No! But I distrust that woman she has." "And how do you propose to get this money?" asked the count. "Have I no diamonds?" inquired Matilde. "She would have ruined us.

Matilde broke the silence first, her eyes still fixed on the carpet. "You must marry Veronica," she said slowly; "nothing else can save us." It was clear that the idea was not new to Bosio, for he showed no surprise. But he turned deliberately and looked at the countess before he answered her. There were unusual lines in his quiet face lines of great distress and perplexity.

She believed that Bosio had been a truthful man, and each detail of what had happened fitted itself to the next, to make up the whole story which the priest had told her. All but Bosio's love for Matilde, and in that Don Teodoro had misunderstood him. He might have loved her in the past.

"But Matilde " Bosio began in troubled tones. "And yet, perhaps, it is possible. Veronica would not be so cruel as to ruin them the money is nothing to her. And, after all, she will hardly feel the loss out of her immense fortune. Yes " his face brightened slowly with the rays of hope. "Yes it may be possible, after all. I had thought of going to her, but not of telling her the whole truth.

Veronica found herself on the other side of it, for Matilde had carefully chosen her seat when she had first come, placing herself in such a way with regard to Veronica as to make the present result almost inevitable unless the girl moved into a very inconvenient position. The big grey Maltese cat came in through the still open door, in the hope of cream at the tea hour, as usual.

What must I do? must I stay away?" asked Calyste, with difficulty restraining his tears, one of which rolled down his cheek and touched Felicite deeply. "You are an angel!" she cried. Then she gaily sang the "Stay! stay!" of Matilde in "Guillaume Tell," taking all gravity from that magnificent answer of the princess to her subject.

And on the other side there is ruin, a public trial, a conviction and penal servitude for your own brother, Gregorio, Count Macomer, and Matilde Serra, his wife." "My God! What a choice!" exclaimed Bosio, pressing both his cold hands to his wet forehead. "There is no choice!" answered the woman, with low, quick emphasis. "Your mind is made up, and we will announce the engagement at once.

"Oh!" he exclaimed thoughtfully, "I understand." He began to walk up and down in the narrow space between the furniture of the small sitting-room, bending his head between his high shoulders. "I see," he repeated. "I understand. But if Veronica refuses? You have been rash, Matilde." "Veronica loves him," answered the countess.

"Would you not rather that I accused you here, and proved you guilty and let you go free, than that I should do as much in a court of justice? You know what the end of that would be penal servitude for you both and unless " she paused, for she was growing hot and she wished to speak with coolness. "Unless?" Matilde uttered the one word scornfully, still facing her.

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