Take my advice, spur on the jaco, for you see it is getting late, and it is twelve long leagues from hence to Corcuvion, where you must pass the night; and from thence to Finisterra is no trifle. As for the man, no tenga usted cuidao, he is the best guide in all Galicia, speaks English and French, and will bear you pleasant company."

"No tenga usted cuidao, my London Caloro," said the Gypsy mother, in an unearthly tone; "Pepindorio has been here some time." I was about to rise from my seat and attempt to escape from the house, when I felt a hand laid upon my shoulder, and in a moment I heard the voice of Antonio. "Be not afraid, 'tis I, brother; we will have a light anon, and then supper."

He aquí un caso en que la mujer tendrá oportunidad para aprender a ser independiente en sus juicios y en sus acciones, ya que algunos parece que no quieren el sufragio sino a condición de que la mujer tenga independiente manera de pensar y obrar.

BRUNO. No tenga usted cuidado ... y déjese usted ir ... ¡maldito alfiler! DOÑA MATILDE. Que consueles a mi padre.

The current was sweeping him rapidly down towards me, when suddenly a wild hurra burst from his lips, and he recommenced his struggles against the waters, striving violently to retain a footing on the slippery, uneven bed of the stream. "Tenga!

No tenga usted cuidao, as my master said, no one ever complains of that pony or of me." In this kind of discourse we proceeded a considerable way through a very picturesque country, until we reached a beautiful village at the skirt of a mountain.

In principle I accepted the theory that "what was written was written," but in practice I couldn't help imagining that a ready-penned Fate might be partly erased by much rubbing. The common salutation throughout the Balearic Islands is Bon di tenga from an inferior to a superior, to which the reply would be Bon di. I refilled my pipe and looked around me.

Tenga!" screamed a dozen voices, that seemed to proceed from spirits of the air; and at the same moment something whistled about my ears and struck me a smart blow across the face. With the instinct of a drowning man, I clutched the lasso that had been thrown to me. Rowley was at my elbow and seized it also.

DON EDUARDO. En que no se quiere recibir, ¿querrá usted decir? BRUNO. En que no se puede.... DON EDUARDO. En que no se quiere ... ¿a qué andar con rodeos? DON EDUARDO. Vaya ... ¿no es cierto que D. Pedro no quiere recibirme? Estoy por cantar de plano. DON EDUARDO. Ea, no tenga usted empacho ... ¿no es cierto?... BRUNO. Cierto ... ya que usted exige absolutamente....

BRUNO. Si donde puse la llave, que me.... DOÑA MATILDE. Ya la encontrarás ... no se te olvide nada ... ¿lo entiendes? y yo me voy a lo que dije ... cuidado que es menester que una mujer tenga cabeza para atar tantos cabos.