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Pedro and I were shortly summoned by Don Eduardo to attend the colonel; but fortunately he was too tired and hungry to interrogate us closely, and after a few questions he dismissed us, with permission to join several of his officers round their watch-fires.

Don Eduardo began to be uneasy. "Can the rebels have rallied and attacked them?" I heard him say to one of his inferiors. "I thought I heard the bugles sounding as we left the ravine." "There can be no doubt about it. If they had been attacked, the sound of the firing would have reached us," was the answer.

"You, I am sure, Don Eduardo, can expect but one reply from me to such a question, and you know that it is the only one which, while I remain an honourable man, I can give." "I am afraid so," he answered, looking down much grieved. "I am to add, that if you refuse, as soon as we arrive at the town of San Pablo, you will be tried and shot as a rebel." "Before I have been found guilty?" I asked.

"I will do my best, Don Eduardo; and we must hope that something will appear in their favour." I need not repeat all that took place. The advocate asked us a variety of questions, and made a number of notes; and then rising, followed Don Eduardo, who stiffly bowed to us as before, out of the room.

His companion, whose name was entered upon the passenger lists as Eduardo Gomez, was a man whose record was a violent one, and whose reputation was that of a bravo and a bully. There was evidence to show, however, that he was honestly devoted to the interests of Monsieur Caratal, and that the latter, being a man of puny physique, employed the other as a guard and protector.

No, no ... por fortuna todo esto se hace de balde, por más que digan lo contrario ... y todo esto lo haré con mi Eduardo.... Con él pasaré mi vida en un continuo éxtasis, y cuando una misma losa cubra al cabo de muchos años nuestras cenizas, todavía inseparables, que vengan entonces a echarme en cara si lo que comí en vida fué potaje de lentejas, o si mi esposo tenía un miserable arriero por tatarabuelo.

If it's on the market I'll buy it if it means another penny on the income-tax. It is conceivable that the fellow might hold it back to see what bids come from this side before he tries his luck on the other. There are only those three capable of playing so bold a game there are Oberstein, La Rothiere, and Eduardo Lucas. I will see each of them." I glanced at my morning paper.

He told the soldiers to withdraw, and sat down by my side. I saw by his manner that he had undertaken a task which was not altogether to his taste. "I have got permission from the colonel to speak to you," he began. "He considers himself authorised not to act very rigorously with you if you will accede to his proposals." "What are they, Don Eduardo?" I asked, at once guessing their tenor.

Do not mind what I say to you before others, and never answer any of my remarks." Without waiting for our reply and thanks, Sancho closed the prison door, and left us to ourselves. "We have to thank Don Eduardo for this. I am sure he is the officer Sancho spoke of," I remarked. "I think so also," answered Pedro. "I am glad that he has not asked us to pass our word not to escape."

You have been proved a traitor to your country, and that alone merits death; but this other crime touches the members of the Silver Key more closely. When the great men of Peru called the Indians dogs, Don Eduardo was our friend. He took our side openly, encouraged us, sympathized with us, pitied us.