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His voice broke in with the most piercing and bitter irony through the many noises in the room sounds of cries, of carriage wheels, of horses' hoofs ringing on an uneven pavement, of iron shutters being pulled violently down over shop fronts, of soldiers marching, of distant bugles calling, of guitars and mandolins accompanying a Neapolitan song.

Officers shouted here and there, trying to slow that steady advance why? Then, drowning out the bugles, the mutter and roar of the artillery, came the Yell. Their shambling trot quickened. Men were running now, forming a great wave to lick up at the breastworks.

To the sound of strange music produced by triangular harps, sistra, castanets, cymbals, and bugles, Egyptian clowns wearing high, white mitres of ridiculous shape advanced, closing two fingers of their hand and stretching out the other three, repeating their grotesque gestures with automatic accuracy, and singing extravagant songs full of dissonances. His Majesty never changed countenance.

There is another stringed instrument, called the zeze, somewhat similar to the nanga. They have two wind instruments, one resembling a flageolet, and another a bugle. The latter is composed of several pieces of gourd, fitted one into another, in telescope fashion, and is covered with cow-skin. Rumanika's band was composed of sixteen men, fourteen of whom had bugles, and the other two hand-drums.

I er This here Them hummin'birds' bugles flowers Happy day Collie, what's wrong with you? What you laughin' at?" "You, of course. Where did you get the posies?" "Picked 'em along the Golden Shore. Just got back." "You do look scared, Red." "Seein' you're gettin' personal you needn't to think because you just been there that I never will." "Say, Overland I we " began Collie. "I knowed it!

When the smoke cleared he and the horse were lying on the ground, and immediately after to a third exactly the same thing happened. The crescendo of battle had now reached a climax in a perfect roar of sound. The bugles sounded the charge. God bless the man that wrote these heart-cheering notes.

Louder and louder grew the uproar along the river; smoke rose and took silvery-edged shape in the sunshine; bugles were calling to the colours regiments encamped on the right; a light battery trotted out across a distant meadow, unlimbered and went smartly into action. About noon the bugles summoned the 3rd Zouaves.

Nor was there anything known until the 19th of November, when the sound of horses' feet in large numbers, and the blast of bugles, announced the arrival of a numerous party. When marshalled into the ordinary dining-hall, they proved to be Lord Buckhurst, a dignified-looking nobleman, who bore a sad and grave countenance full of presage, with Mr.

And make my grave somewhere where my army passes; where I can hear the trumpets, and the arms, and the passage of the troops O God! I forgot! I shall not wake when the bugles sound. It will all end now; will it not? That is horrible, horrible!"

The riders sprang to their seats; the bugles blew a lively strain; the horses pricked up their ears; and the long array moved briskly forward, with the Captain, the Major, and myself at the head. We were joined in a moment by two pieces of flying artillery, and five fresh companies of cavalry.

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