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To Quesada we wended our way. We asked the Senor Huesped whether he knew anything of the history of his VENTA. Was it not very ancient? 'Oh no, it was quite modern. But on the site of it had stood a fine VENTA which was burnt down at the time of the war. 'An old building? 'Yes, indeed! A COSA DE SIEMPRE thing of always. Nothing, was left of it now but that well, and the stone trough.

They made lots of lusty, primitive noise. When they were finished, Ramos, still in a spirit of humor, corned up an old Mexican number about disappointed love. "Adios, Mujer Adios para siempre Adios..." Ramos wailed out the last syllable with lugubrious emphasis. "Always it's girls," Dave Lester managed to chuckle. "I still don't see how they expect to find many, Out There."

Antam ante annum is a word of Thunes slang, which signified the past year, and by extension, formerly. Thirty-five years ago, at the epoch of the departure of the great chain-gang, there could be read in one of the cells at Bicetre, this maxim engraved with a nail on the wall by a king of Thunes condemned to the galleys: Les dabs d'antan trimaient siempre pour la pierre du Coesre.

DON EDUARDO. Así me lo anuncia en una carta que recibí ayer suya, dos o tres horas antes que Bruno me entregara la de su padre de usted. DOÑA MATILDE. ¿Le ha desheredado a usted? DON EDUARDO. Pues, y por lo mismo nada sacrifico, en punto a bienes de fortuna, al desterrarme para siempre de mi patria. DOÑA MATILDE. ¿Y había de consentir yo en ese destierro? BRUNO. Perrada fuera.

"An Arragonese," hastily interrupted Perrico, eager to vindicate himself from belonging to a province which the rough manners and harsh dialect of its inhabitants cause generally to be held in small estimation throughout the rest of Spain. "An Arragonese, from the siempre heroica Sarragossa."

Recordad que se ha dicho siempre que el Cristianismo elevó la condición de la mujer y la dió más derechos; y sin embargo los pueblos cristianos son los que rodean a la mujer de mayores consideraciones y respetos.

Me voy, me voy a mi cuarto ... a suspirar ... a llorar ... a ponerme un vestido blanco.... Ven también Bruno ... y el pelo a la Malibrán.... ¡Oh, y qué crisis!... Allí esperaré a que mi padre me llame.... ¡La crisis de mi vida! ... porque siempre me llama en tales casos ... ánimo Eduardo ... valor ... resignación ... si habrá planchado anoche la Juana mi collereta a la María Estuardo ... sobre todo confianza en mi eterno cariño.

El padre sigue haciendo del negado, y cuando vienen segunda vez entrambos a importunarle, se lleva la niña de un brazo y despide para siempre al amador.

The infantry muskets rattled. The commotion lasted some time. When it ceased, I saw that the man about to die had been kissing the very old man; tears were streaming down the gray, parchment-coloured cheeks. Pedro Nones had the rope round his neck; it curved upwards loosely towards the beam, growing taut as the cart jolted away. He shouted: "Adiôs, viejo, para siempre adi "

As he entered the carriage which was to be his home for many days, and bade farewell to the adherents who were assembled to witness his departure, he turned toward the city with a wild expression and words that were remembered afterwards. Si salgo bien, he said, te volevré á ver; si no, adios para siempre! "If I succeed, I shall see thee again; if not, farewell forever!"