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In 1905 the Structural Erectors' Association discontinued its agreements with the Structural Iron Workers' Union, causing a dispute which continued over many years. In the course of this dispute the union replied to the victorious assaults of the employers by tactics of violence and murder, which culminated in the fatal explosion in the Los Angeles Times Building in 1911.

The district of country known geographically as Upper California is bounded on the north by Oregon, the forty-second degree of north latitude being the boundary line between the two territories; on the east by the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra de los Mimbres, a continuation of the same range; on the south by Sonora and Old or Lower California, and on the west by the Pacific Ocean.

Dyke," he said, reassuringly. "We know where he is, I believe. You and the little tad stay here, and Hooven and I will go after him." About two hours later, Harran brought Dyke back to Los Muertos in Hooven's wagon. He had found him at Caraher's saloon, very drunk. There was nothing maudlin about Dyke's drunkenness. In him the alcohol merely roused the spirit of evil, vengeful, reckless.

"Los Montoneros, los Montoneros!" exclaimed several of the people behind me, and rushed back into the tambo, the women trying to hide themselves from the new-comers. The horsemen threw themselves from their jaded hacks, and calling to the Indians to take charge of them, with scant ceremony entered the building.

In his imagination John enjoyed picturing the four principal streets of Los Angeles Broadway, Spring, Main and Hill as different types of girls much in the same way that he looked upon houses, particularly old ones, as people.

"All right," he rumbled; "now what's the important business? Is the bank going broke, or what?" "Why, no," she answered, beginning to blink back the tears, "what makes you talk like that?" "Well, I was just into Los Angeles, trying to round up that bank examiner, and I thought maybe he'd made his report." "What really?" she cried, "don't you think the bank is safe? Why, all my money is there!"

The sun set, and a calm, still night sank down on the Rito de los Frijoles. As the sky darkened, evidences of life and mirth began to show themselves at the bottom of the gorge as well as along the cliffs. Monotonous singing sounded from the roofs of the big house, from caves, and from slopes leading up to them. Noisy talking, clear, ringing laughter, rose into the night.

The general sent a hundred troopers to Los Valles Grandes, where they came galloping into camp two evenings afterwards. As Captain Wardwell sprang from his saddle and wrung my hand, he exclaimed: "God bless you, Duncan! I came out expecting to bury the bones of you and your men."

One day I was down at the headquarters at Larkin's horse, when General Kearney remarked to me that he was going down to Los Angeles in the ship Lexington, and wanted me to go along as his aide. Of course this was most agreeable to me. Two of Stevenson's companies, with the headquarters and the colonel, were to go also. They embarked, and early in May we sailed for San Pedro.

Who cooks fur you-oo-a? Ef you'll cook for my folks, Den I'll cook fur y' all-l-lll? "Well, hit wuz 'long er dat very chune wat he los' his eyes, an' can't see no mo' in de daytime; an' ev'n I wuz him, I'd let folks' cookin' erlone." "Can't you tell us about it, Daddy?" asked Dumps.