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Last evening I heard the soldiers boasting that today they would capture the Duke of Saxe-Weimar, and I determined to foil them. They have been feasting and drinking all night, and it is but now that the troopers have fallen into a drunken slumber and I was able to possess myself of the key of your dungeon. "Here is your helmet.

Then from out the cloud of battle riderless horses came galloping back, followed by broken groups of troopers. Gallantly led home, the charge had failed what other result could have been expected? Its career had been blocked by sheer weight of opposing numbers. Sixteen troopers had been killed, seven were wounded, two officers had been slain in the hand-to-hand strife.

However, on being told that the French had been defeated, and that the British intended to drive them out of the country altogether, he at once pointed out where the well stood. Some of the troopers had been provided with shovels.

"They have made a prisoner of our friend the young white chief." As she spoke, I looked in the same direction, and I too was greatly astonished, and also much alarmed, at seeing Lieutenant Broadstreet, with his arms tied behind him, in the midst of the warriors his two troopers following, closely guarded. "What can have happened?" I exclaimed. "What can have become of Clarice and Rachel?

Instantly the knot of troopers fell apart, scattering out and spurring westward in diverging lines; the officer watched them until the last horse had disappeared, then he lazily sheathed his sabre, unbuckled a field glass, adjusted it, and seated himself on the grass beside her. "Have you lived here long?" he asked pleasantly, setting the glass to his eye and carefully readjusting the lens. "No."

However, we will go more slowly now." They put themselves in motion. "Two men are behind us," remarked the man from Romney. "Yes. There they come through the fields. Two troopers who are riding with me Regulars. They'll accommodate their pace to ours." "Very good," said the other with serenity, and the two rode on, Marchmont's men a little way behind.

Yet their wild ride had not been altogether in vain; like a whirlwind they had struck against Calhoun on the flank, forcing his troopers to yield sullen ground, thus contracting the little semicircle of defenders, pressing it back against that central hill. It was a step nearer the end, yet those who fought scarcely realized its significance.

I hope the sentries have killed him. The feet of armed men pounded on the verandah flags, and it was as though something was being dragged. 'Why don't they put him in the cells till the morning? said the colonel testily. 'See if they've damaged him, sergeant. The mess sergeant fled out into the darkness and returned with two troopers and a corporal, all very much perplexed.

Just at present, being fast asleep, dreaming, and if I must say it snoring like troopers, upon their mattresses of pine boughs, they are unable to give any information about themselves. But the friend who has been authorized to record their travels will be happy to satisfy all reasonable curiosity.

"Put him in the middle of the troop, sergeant," the officer said. "Put a trooper in special charge of him, on each side. Unbuckle his reins, and buckle them on to those of the troopers. Do you ride behind him, and keep a sharp lookout upon him. It is an important capture." Five minutes later, the squadron again started on their way south.

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