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Stuyvesant induced his mother to make Clarice her companion, and then he met her at picture exhibitions, and in Central Park by chance, and next every one will recall the exciting scene he paid passionate court to her "in the pink sewing-room, where she had reclined on soft silken sofa pillows, with her tiny slippers upon the head of a lion whose skin formed a rug before her."

'We neither of us, of course, knew you very well then. Mrs. Willoughby had only just met you, and she didn't feel quite certain that Clarice ought to be kept in ignorance of the matter, so she asked my advice. 'Quite so, answered Drake. 'I understand. You thought Clarice ought to be informed, and you were right. I told her of the matter myself.

On coming back to the house, after conducting the three men to the hut, I found the lieutenant and his sergeant, Silas Custis, seated before the fire; the young lieutenant every now and then, as was not surprising, casting a glance at Clarice. But she was too busily occupied in getting the supper-table ready to notice the admiration she was inspiring.

'I am sure I couldn't eat anything. 'You may as well try, dear, replied Mrs. Willoughby; and she crossed to Clarice and unpinned her hat a little straw hat, with the daintiest of pink ribbons. She held it in her hand for a moment, weighing it with a smile which had something of tenderness in it. She laid a light hand upon the brown hair, touching with a caress the curls about the forehead.

One drinks tea at this hour, eh? 'No. Clarice felt more mistress of herself in the open street, more able to cope with Drake while they walked in a throng. She remembered enough of yesterday to avoid even the makeshift solitude of a tea-table in a public room. 'Let us walk on, she said. 'Can't you explain as we go? I am late.

This was not all: being presented to Monsieur de Freytorens, professor of law, who loved music, and who gave concerts at his house, nothing would do but I must give him a proof of my talents, and accordingly I set about composing a piece for his concerts, as boldly as if I had really understood the science. Quel injustice! Quio, tu Clarice Trahiriot tes feux? &'c.

'We have been waiting for you, said Mallinson to his wife. 'I couldn't think where you had got to, and he glanced from her to Drake. 'I have been here all the time, she said with a certain defiance. Mallinson turned and walked down the stairs again, without as much as a word to Drake. Clarice followed him, and after her came Drake. 'Ah, here you are! said Captain Le Mesurier. 'Now we're ready.

Clarice, who until a short time before had been assisting Rachel, now returned having been away to arrange her toilet. She took her usual seat at the head of the table; and the lieutenant, to his evident satisfaction, found himself placed near her. He spoke in a pleasant, gentlemanly tone, and treated Clarice in every respect as a young lady, as, indeed, she was.

She acts because circumstances really call upon her to act, and not because the showman pulls the strings of his puppet as the whim of the moment may suggest. The question is, how far Miss Anderson is able to realize for us the mental agony and the characteristic self-command of such a woman as Clarice in such a state as hers.

Behind them the sounds of wheels grew fainter and fainter and died away. In front the road gleamed through the night like a white riband; the hedgerows flung out a homely scent of honeysuckle and wild roses; above, the stars rode in a clear sky. To Clarice this was the perfect hour of her life.