In any case, it must be read sometime. 'Oh, Daddy Dumps, do do read the letter! cried Hollyhock, the handsomest and most daring of the girls. 'We 're just mad to hear what the braw laddie says. Open the letter, daddy mine, and set our minds at rest. 'The letter may not be written by any laddie, Hollyhock, said her father in his gentle, exceedingly dignified way.

Finding no gold and no earthly paradise, and that in the sweat of their brow they must eat their bread, they straightway fell into the dumps, and either died out of sheer perversity, or went yelping home to the Company with all manner of dismal tales, which tales, through my Lord Warwick's good offices, never failed to reach the sacred ears of his Majesty, and to bring the colony and the Company into disfavor.

'Twas the night before I was to leave for the trade. The blackamoor appeared to say that Deliverance Dobbins was "a-goin' in fits" on the dispensary floor. "Faith, doctor," said I, "she used to have dumps on our turnstile." "Yes," laughed Hortense, "small wonder she had dumps on that turnstile! Ramsay used to tilt her backward." M. Picot hastened away, laughing.

"But, s'posin' the dogs might come?" said Dumps. "Well, honey, dey ain't come yit; an' wen dey duz come, den hit'll be time fur ter tell yer pa." "Anyhow, we'll bring you something to eat," said Diddie, "and try and help you all we can; but we must go back now, befo' Mammy hunts for us; so good-bye;" and again they left him to himself.

We are men from this day! Now, you would have thought Evan's companions, right and left of him, were the wretches under sentence, to judge from appearances. In contrast with his look of insolent pleasure, Andrew, the moment an eye was on him, exhibited the cleverest impersonation of the dumps ever seen: while Mr. Raikes was from head to foot nothing better than a moan made visible.

Wall, them loads was hauled up to the dumps by a hand hoist y' onderstand, kind of winch, like y' turn a handle in old fashioned down East wells. Say 'twas in the days when ol' Calamity was runnin' the hills. Know Calamity? She was a wild 'un in her day; an' they say MacDonald, the rich sheep man, has kind o' sorter given her a home these late years. Wall I ain't the one t' say he shouldn't.

Pop and I've gotten so down in the dumps trying to work the thing out that we've lost our sense of values." "Inventors never have any," laughed Kraus, with a change in his voice. And he commenced hastily to talk of other things, to Dale's disappointment. Robin pulled timidly at Dale's arm. "Who's Grangers?" "Grangers? Don't you know the big mills up at South Falls?"

I drive him in and out of Yeld every day, and he's up to no end of larks. And now Roger's pulling round, he's as festive as an owl. Jill's in jolly dumps because she's out of it all. Rosalind sits on her and tells her she's too much of a kid to be any good; and she doesn't get much change out of Armstrong. So she has to knock about with me all day, which is awful slow.

It was only a stone's-throw; but even that, on such a night, was no trifle. However, up he went to Devereux's drawing-room, and found its handsome proprietor altogether in the dumps. The little doctor threw off his sleety cloak and hat in the lobby, and stood before the officer fresh and puffing, and a little flustered and dazzled after his romp with the wind.

So he went into the stable, down in the mouth and heavy-hearted, and then Dapplegrim asked him at once why he was in such dumps. Then the lad told him all, and how he couldn't tell which way to turn: 'For as for setting the Princess free, that's downright stuff. 'Oh! but it might be done, perhaps', said Dapplegrim. 'I'll help you through; but you must first have me well shod.