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Pero cuidado, El pobre sera el nino perdido Si esta por Anglisman cogido. Ay de mi". It was now five in the afternoon, and the breeze continued to fall, and the sea to go down, until sunset, by which time we had I run the corvette hull down, and the schooner nearly out of sight.

"Que lenguas habla?" "Todas." "Que cosas sabe?" "Todas." "Quai païs?" "Ningun, y todos." "Qual dios?" "Dios." "Como le llamas?" "El tonto." "Como dices que le llamas?" "El sabio." "En vuestre tropa que esta?" "Esta lo que esta." "El gefe?" "No." "Pues que esta?" "La alma."

"Esta un Paraiso!" "En verdad un Paraiso! Even better peopled than the Paradise of old. Mira! cavalleros!" continued he. "Behold! not one Eve, but two! each, I daresay, as beautiful as the mother of mankind!" As the trapper spoke, he pointed to the young girls, who, hand-in-hand, were returning from the stream where they had been performing their ablutions.

From this they proceeded to talk of mysterious revenges, and naturally of monkish pranks, each one relating the exploits of the curate of his town. A notice in large black letters crowned the frieze of the room with this warning: De esta fonda el cabecilla Al publico advierte Que nada dejen absolutamente Sobre alguna mesa ó silla. "What a notice!" exclaimed Sandoval.

The Goddess Esta, or Vesta, or Hestia, whom Plato calls the "soul of the body of the universe," is believed by Beverly and others to be the Self-Existent, the Great "She that Is" of the Hindoos, whose significance is identical with the Cushite or Phoenician Deity, Aleim.

Esta es la misión de la mujer y del hombre sobre la tierra tal como la comprendo y la concibo.

"Esta casa e a suas ordenes this house is at your disposal." McKay, with a bow, climbed the ladder, followed by Knowlton. José, with a swaggering stare at the wide-shouldered man, who stared straight back without facial change, also went up. Tim came fourth and last, for Pedro stopped beside his countryman, who evidently was Lourenço.

We feared the balmy air we feared the cloudless sky, the flower-covered earth, and delightful woods, for we looked on the fabric of the universe no longer as our dwelling, but our tomb, and the fragrant land smelled to the apprehension of fear like a wide church-yard. Pisando la tierra dura de continuo el hombre esta y cada passo que da es sobre su sepultura.

I dismounted, untied the blankets from behind my saddle, threw them down near the fire on which they were cooking supper, but did not unsaddle my mare. I was riding Black Bess, and one of them got up and walked around her and examined her closely, and when he returned to the fire he said: "Esta ismo muya wano cavia," meaning that is a good horse.

CASERO. Pero repito que no se juega conmigo ... dígaselo usted así, y que si esta noche no me baja los tres duros, mañana pongo a ustedes en la calle con todos sus cachivaches.... DOÑA MATILDE. ¿Tratar de ese modo a una señora? DON EDUARDO. ¡Matilde! ¿Se fué ya? DOÑA MATILDE. Ya se fué. DOÑA MATILDE. , buena es la tranquilidad que vamos disfrutando por cierto.

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