In the cities of Jerumenha and Floriano there are already small churches, which united to the others in assiduous labors, will powerfully contribute to the evangelization of the State, which is one of the most promising of Northern Brazil. My friend, Senator Gervazio de Britto Passo, strongly desires that a minister of the gospel come to the section where he is most influential.

"Which ones?" said the Prophet. "Of your grandmother's career." "Oh, I " "Let us take them in order, please, and proceed parri passo. When was the old lady removed from the bottle?" "Never," replied the Prophet, firmly. "Never." An expression of incredulous amazement decorated the obstreperous features of Madame. "Do you mean to tell me, Mr. Vivian, that she sucks it still?" she inquired.

Passo a due eseguito da due ballerini di rango Francese, viz. Miss Ella e Monsieur Canguiu. Dansa del Gran Turco, fumatore di pipa. L'Ubbriaco. Scena buffa. In private life, that is behind the scenes, the ballerini are called Miss Helvet and Monsieur Mastropinnuzza.

Fate il passo secondo il gamba don't stretch your legs farther than the bedcover goes, and don't do more, nor less, than what is right for your Marianna. Don't shut her up like a prisoner. Don't turn your house into a gaol. Asino punto convien che trotti one who has started on the road must go along.

We went to herborize in the evening in the direction of the fort of Passo Alto, along the basaltic rocks that close the promontory of Naga. We were very little satisfied with our harvest, for the drought and dust had almost destroyed vegetation.

This, following the windings of the hills, was twenty-nine miles long; the second and main line was from Quintella on the Tagus to the mouth of the San Lorenza, twenty-four miles in length; the third, intended to cover an embarkation, in case of necessity, extended from Passo d'Arcos on the Tagus to the town of Junquera on the coast.

Rodriguez went to El Paso, Texas, and immediately, working through Escobar, set about establishing the "Confederation of the Middle Class" to take over now the illegal Gold Shirt work and consolidate the various Mexican fascist groups. Its headquarters was established at 40 Passo de la Reforma.

On its shores are two very attractive and well-kept hotels, with charming walks, from which one looks on a splendid panorama, picturesque in extreme. From Misurina, the road again ascends, becoming very narrow and very steep. The top is called "Passo Tre Croci," the Pass of the Three Crosses.

The first is the Rio Negro, which, lower down, receives the Pachaquiaro; the second is the Rio de Aguas Blancas, or Umadea. The junction takes place near the port of Marayal. It is only eight or ten leagues from the Passo de la Cabulla, where you quit the Rio Negro, to the capital of Santa Fe.

A Lombard trumpeter made his appearance at the Pass, and said that he had been to Santiago on a pilgrimage, and while there had heard that there was at the Passo Honroso a trumpeter of the king of Castile named Dalmao, very celebrated in his line, and he had gone thirty leagues out of his way in order to have a trial of skill with him; and he offered to stake a good trumpet against one of Dalmao's.