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A woman with a creamy voice, and finished in alto rilievo, would be a variety in the boarding-house, a little more marrow and a little less sinew than our landlady and her daughter and the bombazine-clad female, all of whom are of the turkey-drumstick style of organization.

This, therefore, constitutes the lowest register for all voices not because it consists of certain notes, but because these notes require the same general adjustment of the vocal tract for their production by all voices. The ordinary alto stops at C in this register, as does also the bass at an octave lower.

Other works, most of which have also been published, are: "The Fountain," for women's voices a cappella; a festival "Sanctus," for chorus and orchestra; an "Easter Theme," for chorus, organ, and orchestra; "The Winds," for chorus and orchestra, with soprano and alto solos; a "Festival March," for organ and orchestra; a concerto for violin, and orchestra; a trio for piano, violin, and 'cello; a "Prélude Appassionata," for the piano, dedicated to and played by Miss Adèle aus der Ohe, to whom the concerto is also dedicated.

As regards one of these foibles, I should not even have mentioned it in this history but for the remarkable prominency the extreme alto relievo in which it jutted out from the plane of his general disposition. He could never let slip an opportunity of making a bargain. Φρένες. Not that he was avaricious no.

He believed in the music of the spheres, and assigned alto, bass, tenor, and treble to certain stars. Tycho Brahe, another astronomer, kept an idiot, whose disconnected and meaningless words he carefully set down, and then put them together in such manner as to make prophecies, and then waited patiently to see them fulfilled.

To-night she did not chafe inwardly at the false starts and the monotonous chant, "Oh, be thankful! Oh, be thankful!" which had to be sung over numberless times in order that the bass and alto singers might learn to come in at the proper places with their responsive refrain.

Next behind, on the right, was a long-nosed gar-fish singing alto, and proud of her slender form, with the last new thing in folding fans held in her fin. In the fore-ground squatted a great fat frog with big bulging eyes, singing base, and leading the choir by flapping his webbed fingers up and down with his frightful cavern of a mouth wide open.

Scilicet huc reddi deinde, ac resoluta referri Omnia, nec morti esse locum, sed viva volare Sideris in numerum, atque alto succedere caelo." That is: "Induced by such examples, some have taught That bees have portions of ethereal thought, Endued with particles of heavenly fires, For God the whole created mass inspires.

There were some other reports and then the leading alto from the choir sang: "There is a green hill far away." "I am sure we are all glad," said the President, "to have with us Mr. Hugh Carew from China, who has labored for years among the heathen there. We shall be pleased to hear him tell us something of his work." And Mr. Hugh Carew began.

Mawle chanting her alto midway in the hall, acting as a connecting channel in some way, was apparently never made fully clear. In Spinrobin's imagination it was very like a practical illustration of the written chord, the notes rising from the bass clef to the high soprano the cellar to the attic, so to speak.

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