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But it's a long story, Jonathan and a very wonderful one! his poor mother has long been dead!" "In caelo quies!" said Jonathan, casting up his eyes. "But his brother has turned up again." "Resurgam!" said the butler. "They will be here in ten days so let everything be in readiness, Jonathan. God bless my soul!" continued the old gentleman, "I hardly know what I'm about.

During his long journeys, and at nights when tortured by the gout, he amused himself by making Latin verses; though the only line of his that has been preserved was that intended to designate the portrait of Benjamin Franklin: "Eripuit caelo fulmen, sceptrumque tyrannis."

Yet he was too wary a hand to show confidence. 'Credidimus, we believe we have believed, he opened in hesitating slow time, 'tonantem Joven, thundering Jove regnare, to reign caelo, in heaven.

Es mihi dea! Semper es in mea anima. Iterum et iterum es cum me in somnis. Saepe video tuas capillos auri, tuos pulchros oculos similes caelo, tuas genas, quasi rubentes rosas in nive. Tua vox est dulcior quam cantus avium aut murmur rivuli in montibus. Cur sum ego tam miser et pauper et indignus, et tu tam dulcis et bona et nobilis? Si cogitabis de me ero beatus.

Preston, he paused to take a pinch of snuff, and Mr. Davis immediately filled up the vacuum, taking up the line of speech in this wise: "I have listened," said he, "with equal edification and pleasure to the classic discourse of our friend, sparkling with gems alike of intellect and fancy, but I differ from him toto caelo.

Liberty, virtue, happiness, seemed ready to descend upon the earth. "Jam nova progenies caelo demittitur alto, Ac toto surget gens aurea mundo." As each week brought the news of some stupendous change, a kind of madness seized upon the minds of men. Fanatics were jubilant. "Revolutions," they said, "can do no wrong; all are for the best."

'But tell me, gentlemen, ye who understand sacred things, he resumed, 'can a man be far out of the way so long as, with full heart and no withholding, he saith, Fiat voluntas tua and that after no private interpretation, but Sicut in caelo? 'That, my lord, I also strive to say with all my heart, said Dr. Bayly.

Hence he differed toto caelo from an archeologist turned romancer like the German Ebers: being rather a genial traveler who, after telling tales of his experiences by word of mouth at the tavern hearth, sets them down upon paper for better preservation.

Even now I never venture to impugn them, only, as I observe that other scholars very frequently differ, toto caelo, from him and from each other in essential questions, I preserve a just balance of doubt; I wait till these gentlemen shall be at one among themselves.

Payne's learned 'History of the New World, a work of much research: 'The lowest savages not only have no gods, but do not even recognise those lower beings usually called spirits, the conception of which has invariably preceded that of gods in the human mind. Mr. Payne here differs, toto caelo, from Mr.

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