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Then the silver light crept slowly over the bed, across the floor, where it seemed to linger a while on a pile of toys an engine with three passenger cars, a red hook and ladder whose fiery horses galloped forever, a picture book open at the place where a man in shaggy skins, with a shaggy umbrella, stared with bulging eyes at a track in the sand.

Then the girls appeared bulging in hoops, and ruffles, with elbow sleeves, with a hint of their shoulders showing and with pink ribbons in their hair. Clearly it was a state occasion.

At daybreak, when the Moorish tribes were preparing for the attack, Private Perenna lassoed an Arab horse that was galloping across the plain, sprang on the animal, which had no saddle, bridle, nor any sort of harness, and without jacket, cap, or arms, with his white shirt bulging out and a cigarette between his teeth, charged, with his hands in his trousers-pockets!

He sat back in his deep chair, and looked up at the stockings, ludicrously bulging. After all, if he believed that He gave and took away, then he must believe that Jim was where he had tried to think him, filling a joyous, active place in some boyish heaven. After a while he got up and went to his desk, and getting pen and paper wrote carefully.

"They say it is worth nearer six thousand now. Anyhow it is worth a hundred thousand to me!" A little girl, with bulging apron, appeared at the edge of the orchard and came running toward us. "What have you got there?" called her father. "Oh, daddy! Such lovely chestnuts!" cried the child. "And there are millions more of them!" "We'll roast 'em after supper," said her father.

So far as a bull is capable of feeling emotion, that particular specimen must have been in a peculiar frame of mind. He glared about him, here and there, turned part way round, as if the whole thing was more than he could understand, and then as his bulging eyes caught sight of the remarkable load on his back and he felt the weight of the burden, he was seized with a panic.

Behind one of them sits a wounded, and hatless, and handcuffed captive, his pockets bulging with money. Nobody suspects anything, no one calls the attention of a magistrate to this extraordinary démarche! It is too absurd! The story told by Harrison is conspicuously and childishly false. At every baiting place, at every inn, these weird riders must have been challenged.

Rouletabille, as I have said, entered my room that morning of the 26th of October, 1892. He was looking redder than usual, and his eyes were bulging out of his head, as the phrase is, and altogether he appeared to be in a state of extreme excitement. He waved the "Matin" with a trembling hand, and cried: "Well, my dear Sainclair, have you read it?" "The Glandier crime?" "Yes; The Yellow Room!

On visual examination of the subject at rest, one may note the hypertrophied condition of the affected tendons. Their transverse diameter is usually perceptibly increased and in many cases, there is an increase in the antero-posterior diameter. The latter condition causes a bulging of the tendon that is so noticeable, because of the convexity thus formed, it is commonly known as "bowed tendon."

He carried a whip and spurs in one hand, the other rested on the bulging hip of his khaki riding trousers. Connie stared, fascinated, into the thin, brown, sneering face. "How do you do?" he said mockingly. "Isn't it charming weather?" Connie still looked directly into his eyes.

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