I whispered, as the man swung past us in his chequered serape. I pushed the ring close up to the root of my finger, shutting my hand upon it tight as a vice. "Vamos a tomar otra copita!" The Taos whisky had by this time produced its effect upon the dancers. The trappers and teamsters had become noisy and riotous.

Some charitably inclined individual actually took up a small collection which was presented to the thieves after they had received their punishment. "And now, vamos, git!" advised Semple. "And spread the glad tidings. We'll do the same by any more of you. Well, Jim?" he inquired of the sheriff. Jim shifted his straw from the right corner of his mouth to the left.

It's a good straight camp, Wolfville is; but business is business, an' we ain't pirootin' 'round none, givin' nothin' away, be we, Doc? "'Not much, says Doc. 'It's enough for a gent to pay debts, without stampedin' 'round makin' presents of things. "'That's whatever, says Enright; 'so Miss, me an Doc'll vamos over to the Red Light an' get the dust, an' I reckons we'll be back in an hour.

I hold that a man has as much right to run sheep on these hills as cows. It's government land, and neither one of us owns it. It's bound to be a case of the survival of the fittest. If sheep are hardier and more adapted to the country, then cows have got to vamos. That's nature, as it looks to me. The buffalo and the antelope have gone, and I guess cows have got to take their turn."

The successful murderers and thugs linger in the dark shadows of Dupont Street. They crowd Murderer's Alley, Dunbar's Alley, and Kearney Street. When the purse is emptied, so that the calculating women dealers scorn to notice the last few coins, they point significantly to the outer darkness. "Vamos," is the word.

If you say you'll take me, I will." "Ah! I'll not only take you, but be glad of your company. Nos vamos!" It is still Francesca who speaks, and at the last words, pronounced in a tone of half encouragement, half command, she stretches out her hand, and taking hold of that of her late jailer, leads him off, as a rough pampas colt just tamed and gentled.

"If I was running this shop I'd make him say something, some time or other, or vamos the ranch." This with a suggestive glance at the barkeeper, who did not choose to see it, since the man under discussion was a good customer, and went home pretty well set up, every night, with refreshments furnished from the bar.

And Tzapotecans and women, arrieros and servants, ran about in the utmost terror and confusion, with cries of "Vamos, paso redoblado! Off with us, or we are all lost, man and beast," and saddling, packing, and scrambling on their mules. And before Rowley and I knew where we were, they tore us away from our iguana and coffee, and hoisted and pushed us into our saddles.

After skirmishin' a little the Yanks draws away an' leaves us alone on the field. They earns the encomiums of my serjeant, though, before ever they decides to vamos. "'Edson's been shot hard and frequent; thar's no chance for him.

Dingwell looked steadily at him. "We've heard about enough from you. Beat it! Hit the trail! Pull yore freight! Light out! Vamos! Git!" The man-killer glared at him. For a moment he hesitated.