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Come to think about it, I know of no reason why a chorusman should not wear spectacles if he needs them in his business or if he thinks they will add to his native beauty; but the spectacle of that bolster-built youth, dressed now as a Spanish cavalier and now as a Venetian gondolier, prancing about, with his spectacles goggling owlishly out at the audience, and once in a while, when a gleam from the footlights caught on them, turning to two red-hot disks set in the middle of his face, was a thing that is going to linger in my memory when a lot of more important matters are entirely forgotten.

He rubbed his hand across them vaguely. "Sleep " he murmured. "A little sleep." The potion was beginning to take effect. Titian laid him on the couch near by and hurried from the studio. "Home!" he said to the white-robed gondolier who looked back for orders. "Home! Row for life!" A sense of vague horror haunted him. He dared not think what tragedy might be enacting.

Everything the attention touches holds it, keeps playing with it thanks to some inscrutable flattery of the atmosphere. Your brown-skinned, white-shirted gondolier, twisting himself in the light, seems to you, as you lie at contemplation beneath your awning, a perpetual symbol of Venetian "effect."

It had only been a flash from out the lower corner of the left eye of Loretta as she floated along past the big columns of the Palazzo of the Doges, but it had gone through the young gondolier and out on the other side, leaving a wound that nothing would heal. She had not intended to hurt him, or even to attract him; he only happened to be in the way when her search-light illumined his path.

There you will get into the gondola, and say to the gondolier these words: 'To the casino. You will reach it in five minutes; you will step out and enter a small apartment, where you will find a good fire; you will be alone, and you will wait. 'For whom? I enquired. 'For nobody. You need not know any more: you may only be certain that nothing unpleasant will happen to you; trust me for that.

The black mass of boats floated on, soundless again, save for an occasional plash of water or the hoarse cry of a gondolier and in the distance the wail for Eurydice. Kitty fell back in her seat. An excitement, from which she shrank in a kind of terror, possessed her.

There was no one who could make the little Zuane laugh like "babbo," though the tremulous, treble echo of the full tones of the gondolier had a pathos for those who listened.

A man of Zarato's proud spirit "Faster!" he called to the laboring gondolier, and the boat shot under the awning. With a sigh of relief he closed the door of his studio behind him.... On the couch across the room, his cap fallen to the floor and his arms hanging at his sides, lay the young man asleep. Titian moved forward, scanning eagerly the dark, handsome face.

"Even poorer than the rest of them. I wonder what is the reason." "So do I," said May. "Nanni, is your gondola a very old one?" "Si, Signorina; very old." "What a pity! It must be very bad for you. Which is your ferry?" "I don't belong to any." "But I thought every gondolier belonged to a ferry." There was no reply. "Isn't that so?" May insisted. "Si, Signorina, but I am no longer a gondolier."

They were almost within touch of me and there was no time for thought. I turned toward the staircase, but two men were coming down it. I dodged back and tried the door through which I had been brought, but it was fastened with great bars and I could not loosen them. The gondolier was on me with his knife, but I met him with a kick on the body which stretched him on his back.

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