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He endeavoured to convince me of the folly of my enthusiasm, urging that most of those who had enrolled themselves in the yeomanry, were solely actuated by a desire to take care of their own property, that they were impelled to take up arms merely by selfish motives, and without possessing a spark of the amor patriae.

On the east face, cut in the stone, may be read "Ducit Amor Patriae" and on the west face, "By the Corporation of the City of New York, 1857 Honor the Brave." At the moment of writing the building beyond the Worth Monument, at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Twenty-fifth Street, is in the process of demolition.

He distributed altogether in charity and churches four hundred thousand of those golden coins which were invented by Florence and named florins after her a sum equal to a million pounds of to-day. In every direction one comes upon traces of his generosity and thoroughness. After his death it was decided that as Pater Patriae, or Father of his Country, he should be for ever known.

You know not the large, the incredible large staff of Spies that we have at work, and believe me, when I tell you that if you make the proper disclosures to me I shall recommend you in the strongest terms to Browbeater, who will have you placed high upon the list of informers a respectable class of men, let me tell you, and extremely useful so that you will be well and liberally paid for your treachery, I mean that treachery which has amor patriae to justify it.

All this was no doubt very good for the service, but I had not yet attained sufficient amor patriae to prefer the public to myself; and I fairly wished the regulation, and the makers of it, in the cavern at New Providence, just about the time of high water.

Frequenter praeliantur contra aues grandes patriae, exercitibus congregatis hinc inde, et fit strages vtrimque. Haec gens tam parua optime operatur sericum et bombycem. Isti Pygmei venerunt mihi obuiam chorizando.

The young men had exchanged few observations; but in crossing Union Square, in front of the monument to Washington in the very shadow, indeed, projected by the image of the pater patriae one of them remarked to the other, "It seems a rum-looking place." "Ah, very odd, very odd," said the other, who was the clever man of the two. "Pity it's so beastly hot," resumed the first speaker after a pause.

Boswell asked him how he, who confessed to his love of society and particularly of the society of learned and cultivated men, could be content to pass his life in an island where no such advantages were to be had; to which Paoli replied at once "Vincit amor patriae laudumque immensa cupido." Well might Boswell wish to have a statue of him taken at that moment.

As we were neither born nor bred in Ireland, we cannot be supposed to possess this amor patriae in its full force: we profess to be attached to the country only for its merits; we acknowledge that it is a matter of indifference to us whether the Irish derive their origin from the Spaniards, or the Milesians, or the Welsh: we are not so violently anxious as we ought to be to determine whether or not the language spoken by the Phoenician slave, in Terence's play, was Irish; nay, we should not break our hearts if it could never be satisfactorily proved that Albion is only another name for Ireland.

I have already caught two or three of these dark undermining Vermin, and intend to make a String of them, in order to hang them up in one of my Papers, as an Example to all such voluntary Moles. Plautus Asin. No. 125. Tuesday, July 24, 1711. Addison. 'Ne pueri, ne tanta animis assuescite bella: Neu patriae validas in viscera vertite vires. Vir.

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